Stopping the Vandy Whistler

College World Series: Vandy whistler says he was told to stop whistling or be ejected

Yay!!! I don’t mind him being a fan, but it is almost as irritating as the cowbells. BTW, are there any cowbells in Omaha?

thats good!! freaking Moron!! I often thought how in the world does he do all that! must be smoking some prettty good stuff!

I must not have heard him. Must have been some shrill whistle. What does he do? It takes a lot to get ejected or threatened to get it. I mean Hognoxious does a lot at our games. I’m all for him because he’s our guy, but my point is, “what kind of behavior gets somebody thrown out?” Excluding physical violence, racial slurs, etc.

At the first Vandy game this year I’m certain Hognoxious sat near us in the outfield seats. Vandy fans near me were irritated with his antics. I laughed at them. Then while calling the Hogs the same Vandy fan was booing us loudly. My 11 year old grandson (who is about 5’8 and built) quickly turned around and told the Vandy fan to. “Shut Up”. Me and my son in law claimed down the grandson but shared a quick look of approval for him sticking up for his team.

The Vandy fan did not boo the Hog Call again. The joys of baseball. Love it.

Wow hard to believe you couldn’t hear him just pay close attention to the background noise you’ll hear real loud shriek whistles followed by clapping by the fans it’s a chant couple of whistles, clap clap very very annoying it is a very shrill loud whistle I don’t see how his head don’t hurt from doing it so much.

Not even the Vandy fans like it.

Some must like it if it’s an orchestrated whistle-clap cheer thing that has a considerable following.

Perhaps I heard him if it was during our games against Vandy. Maybe I just don’t recall it. I thought, however, this was something that happened at the CWS. I didn’t watch enough of the Vandy CWS game to pick up on much of anything.

I often wondered about that.I know it would drive me crazy if I kept hearing that all game long!.

I live near Vanderbilt and saw a lot of their home games on tv. That shrill whistle was so irritating I’d mute the sound the entire game

From what I could tell by watching the CWS games, the guy who was there from the beginning is not nearly as loud as the one who showed up later. It could have been seat location, but I doubt it.

They came to a truce, they told him he could whistle when vandy did something good and he agreed with that that’s why you didn’t hear near as much which is a good thing :smiley::smiley:

No cow bells there.

I heard his Mom came down on him pretty tough. Threatened to give him a whipping. :smiley:

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