Stopped by Southwest Christian on Thursday

before the Arkansas game and watched the team workout.

Everyone knows forward Tim Ceaser, 6-9, 192 but another guy that caught my attention was 2018 guard Jahbril Price-Noel, 6-7, 203 of Toronto. He handles the ball very well for a bigger guard and has a nice shot. I really, really like him. He could be a guy that gets a lot of attention once coaches can go on the road.

Will have more later.

Question for you: Richard can you enlighten those that live outside of the state of Arkansas that may not have the 411 on this particular HS. What gives with Southwest Christian Academy (man have they come a long way since I once lived in LIttle Rock) and that appearance of a Canadian pipeline, man how awesome is that. The last young man Mike sign for the upcoming 2017 season I always thought was a great pickup that I believe will contribute some Immediately. Now I’m reading SwCA has a 6’7 kid with guard skills how fantastic is that…please share your thoughts

Credit Gabe going to Arkansas. Kids want to go where there’s a track record of kids being successful.