Stop the Bleeding?

So hard to watch these losses pile up, and I like everyone are ready to stop using the term “rebuilding”
RD and Dudley, do you think the decommits keep coming? Playing time is a big seller to recruits eager to come in and play right away but are you hearing that they don’t see the coaching in place… so that is no longer a positive here? I think HY at the very least will tell Chad he has to get rid of several of his coaches if he plans to keep his job. I haven’t seen any real improvement on the OLine since Pittman left honestly. CCM seems motivating, Chavis has a ton of experience, but its the lack of improvement and uninspired football from week to week that has everyone worried. Was the talent on this team that depleted? I hope we can salvage the recruits. I am thankful that Crawford was on the hill on his own dime, despite his recent decommitment. Hate that he had to witness another blowout, but if there is any area we can’t afford to lose recruits…its the OL. thanks for any insight.

Yes, my guess is that there will be more de-commits, likely next with Kelvontay Dixon.

They have some that are committed fully, but some who are committed softly.

The fact that Ricky Stromberg, a true freshman that many criticized Arkansas for offering, played every offensive snap on Saturday, says all you need to know about the last two staff’s recruiting of OL in thelast six years or so.

There’s more to the French deal than him deciding to reopen things. I think Arkansas is better off.

Just what I’ve been thinking!

Can’t stand a thief.

Yeahp, I said that about it Dixon weeks ago and kind of got jumped for it. Really hate to lose him, he may be the best pure athlete we have/had in this class.

This recruiting class is going to be bad. Another one that will make a turn around, that much longer.

If you are taking about me, I don’t really know if I would use jumped as the word.

Disagreed with you that it was definite after talking to his head coach about it.

It’s becoming evident that civil disagreement is going by the wayside in our beloved country.

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Indeed - even as stupid as some might think that statement sounds.

Not saying it wasn’t civil. I’m just saying that I was essentially told I was wrong because Traylor had a good relationship with his coach, and that I talk in absolutes too much. I can handle it , I promise lol.

I just personally, didn’t think his HC and Traylor relationship mattered enough, from what I’ve heard. I have 2 buddies that are coaches in east Texas, ones on the staff at hooks, one at danger field. And my younger brother goes to PG. word gets around quick, East Texas is a small world. I’ve always heard since the day he committed that he wanted to go to Texas, like his brother, and if they would take him, he would absolutely go. Looks like they will, and I’m not surprised, he is one of, maybe the best player this year in East Texas. He’s a beast

Well, you know how I feel about speaking in absolutes. :grinning:

I do, I do. Lol