Stop the baCkyard plays

Unfortunately turnovers happen, missed field goals happen, penalties happen… It’s just football. We lost as a team.

Could we please stop the backyard football plays though when we get to midfield. In the last two years I’ve never seen one of those actually put us in a good situation.

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I think we scored on that drive, I didn’t understand the double pass either, but not every play is going to work, so I think complaints about specific plays that were called, yet the team scores are just complaints for the sake of complaining.

I looked it up last year and receivers were 1 for 11 passing under Briles at Arkansas. That doesn’t take into account the ones that were sniffed out like the one last night. The success rate just seems very low relative to the number of times they are called.


How many times has Arkansas gone on to score on possessions where we tried a double pass? That’s what I was wondering last night. Those attempts seem like such momentum-killers when other things are working.

Of course, there were probably times we tried one when other things weren’t working either.

I don’t have the motivation to tackle that research, but I would like to know from the start of last year until now how many of those possessions we went on to score anyway.

If you run a play that loses twenty yards but then you go on to score are you saying you are happy with the play that lost twenty yards?

I probably wasn’t very clear.

How many times have those double passes killed our possessions?

I enjoy trick plays when they work, but if they consistently don’t work and are killing our momentum, we need to reconsider what we’re doing.

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