Stoops comments on Ark. to Big 12

I have been thinking quite a bit about this lately and am leaning toward liking the idea somewhat. Having all those games that are geographically easier for fans to get to makes the most sense. In fact, they could rebrand the conference as the “New Southwest Conference”. What do you all think?

The Lil 12 is trying to do anything it can to strengthen the conference. They probably won’t get anyone in the playoff this year. Meanwhile, the SEC might get 2. I’ve never cared for little Bobby Stoops or his whiney ars opinions.

Actually, I wouldn’t write off TCU just yet.

I never thought I would say this but with more than half of our SEC years being bad, maybe there is something to going back to bowing to TX (spit)

I would like to think we could instead just find some tackles every year but we don’t seem to do that as often as the old swc days.

Maybe it’s back to the future.

Not long before we left we won back to back titles with a lot of TX talent.

Ask Tulane and Georgia Tech how leaving the sec worked out for them.

Trade sec foes for Baylor, Iowa state, Kansas, Kansas state? Not real attractive to me. Plus would anyone like to get into the Texas family again?

There is a small part of my heart that thinks it would be good… playing Texas, OU, and OSU every year would be fun.

But, the rest of my heart says that playing in the storied towns and stadiums of SEC is 100x better.

And, my brain is 100% convinced that the SEC is the much better place to be. 4 reasons…

  1. There’s no guarantee that we would win the Big 12 Championship any more often than we win the SEC West… we have won the SEC West once every 8 years so far, which is just slightly behind what you should expect with 6 teams in the division for much of that time (7 now)… have you looked at our series record vs. Texas lately?
  2. The Big 12 is incredibly unstable… I listen to Dallas sports talk radio everyday, and Big 12 instability is a regular topic of discussion… if Texas and OU ever decide the gig is up, the entire conference will fold (or become a mid-major conference)
  3. SEC money
  4. As much as we dislike Alabama’s influence in the SEC… they don’t hold a candle to Texas on relative influence within the conference

You make good points Mvarez. What worries me now is that the SEC does not really have parity. There are “haves” and “have nots”, and unfortunately, we are have nots without a larger Texas recruiting base. It will always be AL, GA, FL, LSU, AU, and TN in the SEC getting all the 4’s and 5’s.

You make good points Mvarez. What worries me now is that the SEC does not really have parity. There are “haves” and “have nots”, and unfortunately, we are have nots without a larger Texas recruiting base. It will always be AL, GA, FL, LSU, AU, and TN in the SEC getting all the 4’s and 5’s.
[/quote]Here’s the “silver lining” . . . if there is one!

One day in the not too distant future, Saban will leave Alabama. Retire, move on to try the NFL again, whatever. And, although the SEC must be grateful for all of the Championships he has brought to the Conference, it will be a better day for the ENTIRE conference when he does. It’s great to have “Big Dog” programs . . . like Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee (traditionally) . . . but that’s when ALL of them (and the occasional “other” team or two) have legit chances at winning the conference. As we learned in the old SWC, having the same one or two “Dogs” and 6 “others” every season is unhealthy.

Alabama will always have the potential to win big. Just like Texas does. But, as we’ve seen the last decade at Texas - and witnessed the decade BEFORE Saban came to Tuscaloosa - when they don’t have the right coach, they are very mortal.

These things go in cycles. We pretty much played Alabama on an equal footing before Nick came to town - and, that was an era when we had both ‘good’ and 'bad" teams. Things will cycle around again. The question is, can CBB turn things around enough in the interim to survive until that time? All things considered, I hope he does. I may be in the minority, but I think he’s learned a LOT of things in his 5 years here, including - quite frankly - that some things he thought would work in the SEC coming in, just don’t. He’s unlikely to make those mistakes again. Bringing in yet another HC, we lose the benefit of that 5 year learning curve. I’d rather just let Bret have 2 more years and see if he can trend forward.

Of course, there is risk with that move. But, there is risk in ANY move. All things being equal, I cast my vote in favor of stability in the coaching staff (HC level) and seeing if he can right the ship. I don’t think we are as far away as it sometimes seems. I really like this small class he has committed for this year, and I’m happy with what we signed last year. If we can just get this OL thing fixed, I think we’ll be OK. And if there’s ONE thing CBB ought to be able to figure out, it’s the OL.

Why would they want us? They already have a whole bunch of also rans. Until we get O & D lines, it really does not matter. You cannot win without those and right now, we are light years away from having either.

This is not even funny.


After a couple days to calm down from Saturday’s loss, I’m with you on this. Not sure the change wouldn’t set us back even farther at this point. I feel like the man (BB) put his neck out for our program when he came here. I can’t count the first two years’ record on the hill; that was a dumpster fire that he inherited.

From a geographic, competitive, and nostalgic point of view yes I would like to be in the Big 12 but from a financial point of view it will never happen. Also, there is a good chance the Big 12 won’t be around in a few years. Eventually I think there will be four major conferences with 16 teams each and the Big 12 won’t be one of those.


My thoughts are very much in line with your post. BB hasn’t done too bad a job of building our program. We have good athletes, they stay out of trouble, and he is running a clean program. We don’t need to move to Little 12. We need keep on plugging with recruiting and get better. Backward step in not an option to me.

I just cannot imagine why a school like Arkansas would want to join a conference in which the rules are made by the teasippers.