Stoops agrees on extension at UK

Through the 2027 season, with possible extensions based on hitting certain goals such as number of wins.

One more coach locked out of the carousel…

I think that’s a smart move. He is appreciated at Kentucky and has built that program to be sustainable at a level that fits most of their fan base’s expectations. His coaching style and conservative approach might not go over well in places with more rabid football fan bases.

Andy Staples says Stoops has the best job in America. If he wins 7-8 a year he can stay there forever.

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Smart move on UK’s part to take away any concerns of him leaving!

It was a good idea by UK, but I don’t think it guarantees he won’t leave. If USC can steal Riley from OU, someone can steal Stoops from UK. It’s just a matter of how much money they’re willing to pay to do it.

Stoops may have been a long shot for the OU job. Apparently Venables, Heupel, & Campbell are their leading candidates. Bob Stoops/Heupel falling out may nix Heupel’s chances to go to OU. Surprised to see Kiffen’s name being thrown around but likely Sexton trying to get him a raise at OM while waiting on U of Miami.

Campbell, who is has Big10 experience & who stayed at Iowa St in their efforts to get them into the Big10, is now aggressively pursuing the ND job. With OH St, MI, & MI St positions locked down, ND may be Campbell’s best opportunity to move back to his roots. However, ND players want DC Freeman promoted to HC, but he has not HC experience. No doubt Fickel to ND is a strong possibility.

Surprised to not hear Matt Rhule’s name in the mix since he did well at Baylor & may not remain in the NFL after this season & likely returning to college coaching. Also, interesting that Urban Meyer’s name is not being heard.

Poor longhorns probably wish they had waited a year to fire Herman. At this point Sark appears to be lame duck coach, & there are currently plenty of good coaches with proven experience jumping around.

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