Stone is a Hog (story)

STORY: … azorbacks/

That is a very large human. Evidently, they’ve determined that he can move well enough to play in the HUNH offense. Any chance Mr. Roberson will join him?


I just would like to know how much catfish he ate, based on the story. A teenager that big might lead to somebody having to re-stock a pond.

I do like that a kid that tall can bench 385. So many times those tall guys have such long arms that it’s tough for them to press a lot of weight. Give him a few years in a college S &C program and he really might be an impressive specimen.

I would think we plan to play him a OT doesn’t look the part of a OG that will pull at this level.Glad to have him though he’s a big boy!

seems a little small for OL, lol


Can’t say for sure on Roberson, but there’s no doubt they made major progress with him this weekend.

Huge get! Literally.

Kids like this will make eating places rethink their “All-you-can-eat” deal. I remember a buddy and I was asked to leave an “all-you-can-eat” seafood spot in Galveston back in the 70s. I had eaten 56 shrimp (yes, we kept count) and my buddy about the same. We stayed away from the fries and hushpuppies. :smiley:

Great decision by the Hogs and great decision by the kid! WPS! :stuck_out_tongue: