Stoernrer to do Houston radio

This is a new gig for Clint Stoernor … t-station/?

Big market, nice gig for Clint. Hope he makes it big time. One of my favorite Hogs!

Great! I am sure he will do well.

Interesting that in it’s release announcing the changes and Clint joining the station, no mention at all was made of his playing at Arkansas. They did mention that he was a Houston native, played a couple of years in the NFL, and was coming to the station from a radio gig in Arkansas. One would think a brief mention of him playing in the SEC (wherever) would be a relevant bullet point adding to his credibility; especially since Houston has a huge A&M fan base.

Not meant as a “poor little Arkansas” complaint - just something I noticed.

That was a bit odd not to mention that he played and starred for the Razorbacks.

Clint is a straight shooter and offers clear opinions and comments. I have always liked his candid, no bs style. He will always be a Hog. Good luck, Clint.

610 was about the only Houston station I listened to in my years there (once won Rockets tickets by answering an arcane basketball trivia question at 6:30 a.m.; I believe there was some Razorback angle to the question). Called into Rich Lord more than once. Not sure how the market has evolved since I left in 2006, but it’s still a good station, I think.

Congrats Clint,
They aren’t going to say anything about Arkansas, about anyone, anytime, anywhere in Texas.
I enjoyed his radio talk here & I think he will do well.
Don’t forget the occasional Woo Pig Soooie Clint.

Now that I think about it, I believe the trivia question was who hit a half court shot to eliminate Louisville from the 1981 NCAA Tournament? They didn’t think anyone would get it. I was the first caller, and since I was there in 1981, it was an easy answer: US Reed. The tickets were for a Rockets-Cavaliers game; Cavs had a rookie forward from St Vincent St Mary High School named James. So I got to see LeBron for free.

Clint does a show called “Stern Talk” during the football season on Little Rock’s Buzz 103.7. Most of the times he called in from Texas to do the show. Wonder if that will continue…

Also, Clint is with the D1 Athletic Training Center in Little Rock and works with high school QBs on a one-on-one basis. I am sure that part is finished. The previous two years, he also held summer programs for kids to improve agility and basic athletic skills. He did an amazing job with my grandson.

I’ve been listening to the show today. He is doing a great job. Really glad for #14.

Looks like Clint will continue to appear on Buzz 103.7 during the football season. His take on each game and adjustments he proposes are worth listening to.