Stoerneris awesome

Great on the broadcast

Very good - at least for us who love the Hogs. I suspect he is welll thought of by others, but it is more like family to us.

Just an overall good dude and he’s happy doing what he is doing.

I think him and Pat Bradley are great reps for Arkansas on the SEC Network because they are knowledgable about the other teams as well as the Razorbacks

I’m glad he hung up his insurance shingle. He’s a football guy through and through. He has much to offer as a commentator and as a teacher of the game. Let Clint be Clint Jake can handle the other gig.

I’m rooting for Clint, and no doubt he knows the game. My only complaint is at times he talks to much for my taste. Sometimes you need to let the action speak for itself.

I realize he is realitively new and yesterday was made more difficult when it switched to being a practice. Pat Bradley is a natural.

You can’t help but like Stoerner. He is a cool dude. Great representative for the state.

I can’t say any good things about his barber, however. He must have used a weedeater on Clint.