Stoerner touted Pete Golding for DC on morning radio show.

I have been on this guy for awhile. Texas San Antonio, where he is DC, finished 2nd in the nation, only to Bama, in yardage gained by the opponent.

He is young, but has been successful everywhere he has been. He is from Louisiana and was a four year starter at safety for Delta State. He has the look that would appeal to 18 year olds, and if you read his twitter you will see he is very active in recruiting.

He is my choice, too. If I was betting, I would put my money on Pete.

Born in Hammond Louisiana. That might help our Louisiana recruiting.

We may have problems in Louisiana but the Texas wall have opened up!

A stretch to hail Coach Golding as the “best DC in College Football”. He may be great but will not be the press conference win for Coach Morris that he has touted. Much bigger candidates out there on the loose with major college experience, some in SEC West. Nothing negative implied toward Coach Golding here.

He is Nick Saban’s choice to replace Jeremy Pruitt. I would think that would make him one of the best defensive coordinators in college football. Don’t have to be a household name to be one of the best.

I would take Coach Saban’s recommendation on the value of a DC.

Well darn. I was hoping we were quietly talking to him.

Saban needs to retire.

He’s got 2yrs remaining on his 11 million dollar + contract (not including 4 Million dollar signing bonus)

Sounds doable. Get a few of our deep pocket folks together
with Saint Gus’s group and send him off into the sunset.
Both programs would likely fare better.

Why couldn’t Morris offer him the position of Defensive Coordinator, not co-coordinator, and $200,000 more than Bama? If Saban wants him, that should be as good an endorsement as he could have.

have heard that Tosh Lupoi will be inspirational and motivational DC with Golding playing the brainy role. I would rather hire Tosh and let Goding hang in Ttwon. Tosh is unmatched for bonding with kids and being an inspirational wild man. Guess that is why he is such a great recruiter also. Tosh is still deferring to Pruitt til the playoff is done, but he can fire those 5 stars up enough to run thru the proverbial brick wall. I think all his legendary shade has passed and he would be a clean hire for any program willing to make him wealthy and titled. I think he and Venables are beyond our financial reach right now.