Stoerner and McIlroy pick us to go 9-3 on SEC

Network last night with Dari. I don’t see us being that good, but I hope they are right. Stoerner is a homer and McIlroy is a Hog fan, I get that…but both those guys know football and are smart. We have a lot of question marks, including the quarterback, running back and secondary, but if all comes together maybe this is the year we really contend for the West again.

I go over to EliteDawgs to check on the Ole Miss cheating scandal occasionally and today the MSU fans were livid we got picked to be that good. They forget we beat them for a decade straight before Bobby left town.

Show up at all against Toledo and kick a field goal against MSU and we’re 9-3 last year (yes I know we also could have very easily lost to Auburn and Ole Miss, but follow me here). Heck, show up against Toledo and TTech and kick that FG and it’s 10-2. Point is, we’re not that far away. A new QB is a step back, to be sure, but not a huge one. I’m no longer worried about RB if people stay healthy (RWill and Whaley will both be beasts), and I think the pass rush alone will make the D much better. Some things have to go right to win 9 games, or more, but one of these years we’re due to have some things go right.

I agree with Swine. We weren’t far away from either 10-3 or 5-7 last year. In this conference that’s pretty good. I know we could lose to any SEC team this year, but I don’t think it’s likely we’ll lose to more than half of them. Now if we suddenly get hit with the injury bug or AA fails to produce, things could go south, but absent that I like our shot at 9 wins. If we stay unusually healthy & more good bounces come our way than go against us, I could see us being even better than that. Other teams have to avoid injuries & get breaks, too. I’m optimistic

I heard a Mississippi State reporter on Bill King’s show today. He characterized this year’s home game against Arkansas as “easily winnable.” They beat us by a point last season with Zak Prescott. What do they have now?

Here’s to that MSU reporter: That’s a clown comment, bro.

I saw that !

And they have Arkansas beating Bama and Florida after a slow start

9-3 that would be wonderful esply if Ark continues the trend of finishing stronger than its start

Honestly I’m trying to keep my expectations low - match last years win total but 9-3 regular season would be proof that we have the right guy leading the program

Woooo PIG Soooooieee!

Where is Bill King broadcasting now? He left SiriusXm in 2014 and I have not heard him since.

Must beat TAM, we got to start beating the worst team in the SEC West. I am amazed that the other SEC west teams have put a beatdown on these guys but we have yet to do it.


Aggravating walking out of AT&T stadium last few years giving away that game

I’d love to see a beat down of epic proportions and jump start the SEC run

TCU will give us a good indicator early of where we are

In Nashville, Tenn., on a tiny AM/FM station.

Easily winnable and an easy win are two completely different things. Which was he saying? I mean the Alabama game is easily winnable based on how we have played them but certainly not an easy win.

After saying that, they proceeded to treat the Arkansas game in their conversation as a win for MSU, in talking about season prospects.