Stoerner agrees with many of us on those trick plays for Hornsby

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I simply could not agree with Clint more. That dude knows way more football than I do but it doesn’t take a scientific rocket to see that unfolding in the game and know it’s bad.

CSP said exactly what a head coach should say in his post game presser. He’s never going to say differently. But let us all remember that CSP is still a newer head coach and has things to learn. I love him. I’m glad he’s our coach.

KB’s job is to put our offense in the best chance to win a ball game. Most of the time I think he’s on. These trick plays in each game however are unnecessary. Want to get Hornsby some touches? Get him out wide and let him make some catches. I think DCs in the league have identified tells while watching film to know when they are going to try to pull a trick play.

Clint nails this! It was a momentum killer!


Very good by Clint. Spot on. Notice he said although KJ fumbled, he was going all out w effort and you just have to overcome that. But the key was the first quarter drive when we had them on their heels…

Sadly, Clint knows from game-changing moments

Low blow if your referring to 1998 vs Tennessee.

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Clint referenced that himself so he was well aware of what happened and how their situations had some similarities.

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