Stink... Stank... Stunk

That about sums up the last few weeks.

Got my fingers crossed we will do something in what I assume will be someone elses regional cause we are not getting one.

No we are not. This season is ending with a whimper.

Not sure where the confidence and swagger was lost. A&M weekend?

We have no leadership on this team and haven’t all season and that has been the problem until we solve that we are continue to struggle!

No one is playing well enough to lead. That’s the problem.

It certainly feels like the Hogs baseball season is soon coming to an end with expectations not met.

It’s obvious that the hype about all the talent was just that. How long has it been since the Razorbacks cant even field a first or second team SEC player?

If this team has talented players we did not see on the diamond.

DVH is not the only one that didn’t show up…

I don’t really follow college baseball and I know the mistakes are highlighted more in loses, but it sure seems like I have read a lot about fielding, throwing and base running mistakes on this year’s team. With the talent level that plays college baseball rather than going to lower level minor leagues, is this normal?

This team seems very fractured, I wonder if there are factions within the clubhouse? Just don’t seem like a team on the same page, the same chapter, or some of them even the same book.

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When Noland pitched the gem in game 2 at A&M the season flipped. This year hogs fail to show the fight and energy! They don’t put games away in spots early for a inept failure to put the ball in play. Like last night runners 1st and 3rd down 1 and getting a goose egg. Just like game 3 at A&M. Runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs late and get the same Goose egg. Both games were losses by 1 darn run.


Yet crazy we he have the 3rd best odds to win the world series, huh?

There are good players, but whether or not they feel pressure because of draft or something else, I don’t know. But they are in a funk. The transfer portal is not going to produce leaders. They are not from your culture. Talented, yes. But they are watching their new teammates. Wallace is quiet. So is Noland. Webb, Battles and Moore have never been leaders. Sort of quiet, too. No one close to Opitz.

You can’t really train that. Either they have that, or you don’t.

Tygart might have some of that, but he’s a freshman and you don’t put that on him … yet.

Kinda tough to watch. I get that.


This team was showing signs early on that we had some underlying weaknesses. Losing our season opener at home to Illinois State stung and then coming back home two weeks later on a Friday and losing the opener to Southeastern Louisiana stung again. I was repeating the same thing as everyone else at that point - it’s a long season and a couple of losses won’t hurt us. Then the Missouri State loss in mid-week kind of kicked off the downward trend. Counting that game, we’re 4 - 7 in the last 11 games. I hope we get to play again today or tomorrow morning and start Noland and get a win. We all know how a spark can change a game and maybe a season especially in baseball.


They don’t look like they are having fun playing the game they Love. There is a thing called trying too hard. You don’t succeed at first then it just builds. Starting McIntyre was a mistake, one good inning. One starting pitcher not playing, your Friday starter has been shelled last 4 games. Sunday starter lasted one inning last time out . I think the team knows this and it pressures them to score. Everyone to me looks like they are swinging for homers instead of putting ball in play. Plus just some plain bad luck. Pressure has affected our defense also I think.

We don’t run, horrible bunting team, we have to get homers I guess. Lots of strikeouts. Gregory not a good hitter but he does get on base somehow. But if we’re going to rely on outscoring folks I would play the Oklahoma transfer. Just in a funk in every area of the game right now.


A friend of mine mentioned to me some time ago, when the Hogs were losing some games they should have won, that he thought there was some team, (internal) issues. That they weren’t playing together as a team, but for self.
I shrugged that off and really never thought about it that way.
But maybe there was something to it. I don’t really know.

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Something’s not right. It’s apparent

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This is a fair analysis Clay. And it is hard to watch.
I think all the coaches need to look at what they are doing. From the things I have heard I think DVH is delegating too much to his assistants. The whole shifting issue is a great example. The swinging for the fences every at bat is another. That is not DVH baseball.
I too have wondered how many players have been distracted by dreams of being high draft picks. If this is the case players like Moore and Wallace have done nothing but hurt their chances. Play baseball boys and try to have fun. Forget the pros. That may or may not come.
And you speaking of Opitz, one thing we have seen down the stretch is even if he cannot hit a lick we have to have a great defensive catcher. This is a must. And get them off their knees. Good grief. This is what is called coaching.


Whew boy. Feleipe Franks, Kendall Sides and Jalen Tate might have a different perspective on that.