Stillwater Regional preview podcast

I couldn’t agree who more regarding AQ. At least in hoops the reg season conference winner gets a guaranteed NIT bid. Baseball is a marathon. Rewarding conference tourney winners is a shame

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Good stuff. I need Matt to keep me updated on baseball. He always covers all of it.

I never thought the SEC tournament was a good idea. The top half (7 gets in every year) is in the NCAA. Generally quite a few more make it.

The SEC does not like awarding an AQ to a regular season champ who did not play the other divisional winner when there was a tie. But I’m sure it’s about ticket sales and TV money (ad sales for SEC Network).

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@MattJones agree with you 95% in regards to the DR comments on Turner. He made it personal as opposed to keeping it about the production on the field. The one push back I would have is when you said he (Turner) wasn’t a professional. I’d say over the past few years things have changed. Turner has his own clothing brand. I’m betting he’s getting NIL money. Make no mistake, Michael Turner is a professional

Turner might make more or he might make less, but I just don’t think players who are making an average of $5,600 per year in NIL endorsements should be considered a professional.


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