Still think Cole moves like an 80 yo?

Dude is crafty and just knocked a Bama 5 star out.

I think it would hurt to get hit by him.

Big 5 star at that!

This is great experience for Cole. I’m impressed.

Yes, he moves like an 80 year oak tree. Which still hurts like heck when you run into it or it falls on you.


Cole told me he ran a 4.9 in HS. I would that’s about right. He’s not a speedster, but he does have decent speed.

I agree Richard. I live in Lafayette , LA. , so I went and watched him a handful of times when he was in HS once I learned he was committed to being a Hog. He isn’t lightning quick, but is deceiving with what speed he does have.

People outside of Arkansas never believed Matt Jones was a 4.4 guy until it was obvious when no one ever caught him from behind in college and he ran the 4.39 at the combine. Taller guys with the long strides just don’t look very fast

He’s also bigger than most of the defenders on the field. People just see what they want to see. There’s a reason he takes fewer sacks than Allen (who would have taken 10 tonight) and runs for more yards.

He’s a lot tougher to tackle and rather than bailing out at the first pressure he moves in the pocket.

He will be a weapon in time. He needs time to grow and time to throw. WRs need to start gearing up for the fast ball.

He’s no Matt Jones, but he’s no Ryan Mallett either. He’s an effective runner not because he’s fast but because he’s fast for a giant.

That’s right.

But, hold on a second. I’m sure JacksonReid will jump in the thread to remind everyone that Bielema need to be fired.

They did have some QB draws drawn up for him. None of which worked. But with him back there I would for sure add the read option out of the gun to the arsenal. And some RPA’s. The option is a great play. And with the rules being what they are, not using RPA’s puts you at a disadvantage. Saban even went to them…though he made it pretty obvious it was distasteful to him that o-lineman can now run block downfield and then there be a pass. But it is what it is.

Big Cole is big enough to be a Tebow type option runner (with less speed).

Was it 80? I thought it was 90.

He gets what he can out of what he has.

Not a speedster, but not ready for the nursing home either.

You should have heard it…

I think Buggs still feels that hit

There’s speed, then there’s “escapability”. And just because you have the former doesn’t mean you have the latter. And you can have the latter even if you lack the former.

John Elway was about as fast as dial-up in a DSL world, but he could navigate a pass-rush and find his way to the 1st down marker better than QB’s who could run circles around him.

Cole Kelley is already demonstrating an “it” factor that separates him from other QB’s. He “feels” the pass rush like few men do at his age, and he knows how to evade it.

He’s still green, but that’s the only negative thing I can say about him, if you consider that negative. I don’t.

I’ve noticed that too. He knows where the !st down marker is. I like his demeanor…he doesn’t get down on himself or his teammates & looks like he’s having fun.

Minutes? or days?