Still the #2 3 seed on the Matrix

Which was updated Saturday with 115 new brackets. How many of those brackets were done after the SAO game, I do not know, but I don’t think any 4 seeds are going to pass us. Florida State is the only 4 that played today and they lost. If the committee agrees, we’re in good shape.

Lunardi bumped us down to the last 3 seed tonight, but he had FSU at #15 before the Noles lost.

Georgia Tech’s win doesn’t do anything for the bubble, because they were in anyway, but Georgetown sure did.

One more note: Abilene Christian is winning big in the Southland final and North Texas won CUSA. So that’s two conference champs we beat as rent-a-wins.

Lunardi has us in the same bracket with Bama. Does the committee try to avoid that? Or is that just for the 1st and 2nd rounds?

We won’t be waiting very long to have all the answers. The selection show is tomorrow! I hope Swine is right and our hogs are still firmly on at least the 3 line.

Swine I should remember, but I am drawing a blank. Please remind what your acronym SAO means.

I sure hope you are right. There is no guarantee we make it to the Rd of 16, obviously. But if we do, I’d sure rather not face a #1 seed that early.

Strong #$$ Offer. He let me know a couple of days ago.
It fits them perfectly and anyone with a brain knows it, their coach is bottom cesspool slime.

I knew he was talking about LSU, but I couldn’t figure out the SAO until I saw Wade today and it hit me like a SAO. :wink:

Teams that depend too much on 3 pointers usually die with a bad shooting night. Got to do a better job of scoring at the rim in the tournament. I thought yesterday’s game was a sloppy disorganized attempt to play a big game.

I was not surprised. Two games in a row against strong, athletic teams. Williams out. Many of our shots and free throws were coming up short. Notae looked spent; left it on the floor the day before. Smith had a good game, but we needed to feed him more, and better, setting screens, hustling…that takes some high energy and we didn’t seem to have it.

We’re still a tough out with a bit of rest and a full team.

Would have been blown out early if not for Moody. Once he cooled off it was a struggle.
Odd game, usually tired teams foul a lot, but LSU had only shot 3 FT’s until late. But they made theirs count 13-15. Difference maker.

I think if Williams had played we would have won. We got hurt on the inside and the boards. MHO

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When Moody was left wide open a few times early in a possession Notae failed to pass him the ball. The SEC tourney is where a team needs to be able to play 8 to 9 deep and get production from all of those players. The hogs were without Williams but no one is mentioning KK. Both of those guys would have made a difference. Devo had a odd day shooting, Desi was a no show in his minutes, Notae was spent from giving it all the day before and Vanover was ineffective on both ends to the floor. Tate was in the normal foul trouble and that has become a trend lately. That leaves Smith and Moody to carry the team. That not enough bullets to fire in combat.


It depends on how many times we played. Since we only played twice, we can meet in the Sweet 16. If we were playing a third time today, they would have to keep us apart until the Elite Eight.

Lunardi still has us a three seed after last nights game. That appears safe regardless of outcomes today.

I agree depth will be a huge deal and much improved with Jaylin back, and the biggest thing overall for tournament time is give the ball to moody in crunch time!!!

Seriously if moody isn’t bringing the ball up the court next time in a one possession game in the clutch I’m gonna have to go fight muss. BUt I trust muss to correct the issue and we won’t see Notae or anyone else keeping the ball out of Moody’s hands going down the stretch again this year. Boy we are gonna miss moody. I hope he leaves us with a big going away present :trophy:

Matrix updated this morning with 40 new brackets. Of those 40, 38 had us as a 3 seed. Still the #2 3 seed behind Okie Lite. FSU is the last 4 seed after losing to Tech.

Bama is the top 2 seed and will stay there. SAO jumped from an 8 to a 7. Tennessee is a 5, Misery is a 6, Florida is an 8, OM is third on the first four out list.

It will be interesting to learn if Virginia, Kansas or anyone else has to opt out because of the virus. However ESPN just reported that UVa, KU and Duke are all okay from a COVID standpoint.

Moody bringing the ball up isn’t what you want. His handle is ok, but not great. We want a distribution to him.

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Yesterday was a bad game. It happens. The '94 NC team had one on SECT Saturday too. Forget about it and move on to the real prize.

Muss has at least six days to get Jaylin back up to speed and get ready for whatever 14 seed we get. Probably will do some prep work on the 6 seed beyond that too.


right on, daboar, that Mizzou game was a battle, a mental and physical battle. and with Moses and Justin playing 40 minutes a game, KK out, Bam out, Jaylin out, connor unable to play D vs these teams, desi in a slump, Tate in a slump…well I’m just glad we have a few days to regroup for the tourney that matters.


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