Still sticking with left (East) turn only out of lot 56

Crap, just got the new game day parking and traffic flow in and out for this week. It’s Just like last game for lot 56. We are just too low on the totem pole of parking lots. You’d think, since that’s also the handicap lot, they’d give it a little more consideration.

That’s very frustrating

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They do not care. They basically emailed me back today and said we don’t control traffic flow. They washed their hands of it. I was stuck in Lot 29 for 90 minutes after the game Saturday.

Where are the Thoreau followers on this board? Civil Disobedience folks. Make sure the Marlboro dangles from your lips, when you hang a right and tell the cops to kiss your …


I’ve seen very little evidence that FPD has any clue how to manage traffic flow.


So, unless you are tailgating for 2 hours AFTER the game, you are basically stuck in LA traffic? This is a can Yurachek shouldn’t kick down the road. It is VERY easy to tailgate with your buddies (and recliner, and cheap beer) AT HOME. HY is a very good AD, but after what he did to the regular folks at Baum, he might want to look at Jeff Long as an example of what not to do.

I don’t want to be guilty of a pollyanna, naivete, here. But, any change that improves traffic elsewhere will have a trickle down favorable impact to all of us.

I hadn’t remembered that Clinton Dr was closed. So some of the Stadium Drive traffic must have been forced to continue South.

There were NO problems today. I got on the bus at 3:06, was at my vehicle by 3:16, and home by 3:26 while exiting to Stadium Drive. They were allowing both lanes to turn left from Stadium, but I also saw a few cars turn right (West) onto MLK.

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