Still proud of the fight we showed.

[youtube][/youtube]I’m proud of the way the team fought today. In fact, I’m proud of the way they fought the last two weeks. We’re now depleted by injuries & it’s showing up, but Lock is one great QB & he has some great receivers. Our defensive backfield is hardly great, but not many would’ve stopped some of those throw & catches today.

I knew when we scored our last TD, we’d still need at least one more to win. The FG to tie it up was better than no score, but I was afraid we needed a TD & we needed by taking another 2 mins or more off the clock.

Still, I never consider a close loss to MU a moral victory. Our program should be ahead of theirs. We should also be ahead of MSU & Ole Miss. I recognize LSU, Bama, Aubie & TAMU have advantages over us, but not the other 3.

I love CBB. I know the locker room is hurting badly right now. I feel for the kids, the families, everyone involved. I just hope our new coach can capture the fan base, salvage recruiting, & have a 7 win season next year. He’ll have the usual one season honeymoon, maybe a 2 season honeymoon, but in year 3 we better be winning 8 or more or we’ll be clamoring for replacing him. Oh well, that’s part of the problem when you’re mid-tier in the SEC.

Proud of the effort and fight we showed today too. So many gut wrenchers in the CBB era. So many games where bad calls by the stripes played a major role in a close loss.

With the talent we have coming back, the new coach should win 7 or more. Only losing a few seniors. Maybe a few will transfer. Pretty sure some of our commitments are going to de-commit, which is to be expected.

Very proud, these kids were playing for their coach whom they loved.

I think we will be a much improved team next year, CBB left the program much better than he found it. Surely we won’t experience significant injuries to so many key players.

Oh I wouldn’t be so sure of that. We are Arkansas. The only breaks we ever get are to bones.