Still optimistic

Wow. I was shocked by some of the frustrated comments on the game thread.

Let’s be realistic. the “team that shall not be named”, led by their superstar GunDash, is undefeated at home this year. For a reason. They are very, very good.

There is NO SHAME in losing to them at home.

Especially considering that:

–This was our superstar’s 4th game back from a long rehab period. And he played GREAT. And is gonna get nothing but better.
–Our second best player played his worst game of the year. Missed most of the first half with foul trouble, and just had a terrible game. AB will bounce back.
–Ricky missed critical free throws. And we were only 20-29 from the line. Not good enough on the road. But Ricky…he’s usually a very good FT shooter
–And again…we were at THEIR PLACE. When they were in a circle the wagon mode.

Add up all that, and a 3-pt loss when we had a shot at the buzzer (the wrong player mind you) and I se no reason to be super upset.

If we had had Nick all year long, our record would be better, and a loss away like this wouldn’t seem so bad.

But he was out. And now he’s back. Win one of the next two, we are in the NCAA’s for sure.
Win 2, we improve our seed.

And while many seem not to care, the SEC Tourney gives us a chance to really improve our seeding…and maybe even win a trophy.

I remain excited about the rest of the season.


Yes sir. Excellent points. I agree.

The shame is on their coach, AD and whoever else is in charge. Shame…


Great post. We have played much better lately and should continue to improve. This isn’t the same team from a couple of weeks ago.

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Well, guys, it’s how we play the game, not whether we win or lose today. At 19 wins, we have time to get in the dance.

Once we do, who wants to play the Hogs? We are well aware we can play with anybody, regardless of our seeding. And, we can get back to the Elite Eight. And, if Bama is truly the Number 2 in the country, then we can beat anybody, period. Today’s loss tell us we can win the Natty.

Fret not, says Fred

Just be glad you weren’t there to hear the Hey Hawgs! cheer. As I counted, there were three Hog fans in the audience, but maybe you could see more. Not enough to make a Hog call. But I did get me a Bang! Bang! in. (>;

Lastly, we need to make the whole team practice free throws; perhaps have a free throw coach come in; perhaps a hypnotist.


This game showed we can play with anyone in the country and their refs. Put together two halves like the first one and we may be hoisting a trophy this spring


Did you yell bang, bang when GunHub was introduced? :joy: :wink:

too much noise. They went crazy at his intro.

understand….but still frustrated and disappointed

I do agree this team is capable of a deep run in Big Dance

it has to get there first

which is why this loss is so disappointing

a win today would’ve gone a long way to ensuring an at-large bid

oh well, a couple of more opportunities in front of them + sec tournament to secure an at-large

margin of error is paper-thin though now…sigh

Glad you held off. It would have been dangerous.

This huge 300 lb young weightlifter was sitting directly in front of me and he had no less than 4 beers, so I was kinda quiet for the duration. Plus, I was fairly close to …

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This game shows the same failures our hogs have had all year long! Bottom line with the ball and the lead they make poor decisions with the ball and fail to get a shot. They miss free throws and allow the drive to the hole at a feverish level at some point in the game. Today it wasn’t TO’s by itself. But when they committed the TO it’s a missed chance to score.
They feel a lot worse about getting beat than we do! This season has been a disappointment!
Injures is a big part of it and watching them struggle to score. After the Kentucky game I thought well the hogs will go on a run.
Nope they can’t sustain success.
I hope they beat Tennessee and Kentucky but I won’t hold my breathe.

I think Bummer is hoping we don’t play them in the SEC Tourney. We match up well with them . I think we can beat yhem on a neutral court. I hope during the Tournament, they are the most booed and hated team there.

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They are already the most hard team in the country!

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not sure how anyone can blame the coaching staff

put’em in a position to win the game

and the players blew it …again

like every loss this season excluding Baylor and Creighton, the blame can be laid directly at the feet of the players

To me, the biggest takeaway from an Arkansas standpoint is it scored 83 points on a top-tier defense in regulation. I expected the Razorbacks to struggle on offense. Florida and Georgia were good for overall confidence, but neither played well defensively at all. Alabama was a big step up. I thought Nick did a good job creating offense and good looks. Devo got back into a rhythm on offense when AB was out with foul trouble. And Ricky Council keeps playing pretty well in a reserve role. The Razorbacks’ two-point defense lacked Saturday, but not many teams can put consistent pressure on the rim like Alabama can. After today, I think Arkansas has a legit chance at Tennessee if it can protect the rim a little better.


I’d like to be optimistic, but let’s not kid ourselves.
The Hogs have played themselves into a corner with very little room for error over the next three games which includes our 1st round game in the SEC Tournament.
Win the next three games and we are probably invited to the dance.
Win 2 of those 3 and we still might get the invite.
Win 1 of those 3 and we probably don’t get the invite.
Win 0 of those 3 and we don’t get to the dance.

Like all of you I hope we win all three and are safely in the dance, but that’s why they play the games.

I thought we played well. Yeah, missed free throws but that typically happens on the road to Council and some others for some reason. A top team playing at home is bound to rally in the second half. We do that to other teams at home. Nothing to be ashamed about.

We looked like a team ready for prime time. I thought with Nick, this looks like a complete team. Getting outrebounded like that is a bit of a concern though.

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Great to have Nick active but not back “to full strength”as Jimmy and the other guy said over and over— sure would have been different season if had been full strength

Who was it that asked about drives we gave up in Muss’s presser? Muss basically said “you can’t have it both ways against the #2 team in the country. We went to the mattresses to not give up the 3 ball and they were 3-22 from 3. But fighting over all the ball screens and running at people opens the middle. We made a choice.

Now, I do recognize for a stretch it was ridiculous. Aka the stretch they broke away from us.


Not GunHub LD. though that works too.

It’s GunDash.

What a pure jerk.

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