Still mad. DMAC deserved two Heisman Trophies

Glad it went to Joe and SEC tonight.

But what we had in Darren deserved two trophies.

Back to back 2nd place shows excellence over two seasons and if a Heisman for that, it’s ours.

The first runner up year in 2006 to a completely overrated an overhyped Troy Smith was a joke and was exposed when After winning the trophy Florida exposed him and Ohio State for the fraud they were that season.
Unfortunately, the second runner up year in 2007 was a forgone conclusion because college football and ESPN had found their new Golden Boy in Tim Tebow.

Dmac would have 2 Heisman’s if he was playing for a blueblood like mentioned above.


There will never be another DMAC.

And his accomplishment are all his and enjoyed by all of ours regardless of the politics of this award.

Dmac should have won it the first year, if not for the totally bullschiff “rule” of him being a sophomore and sophomores aren’t allowed. The next year, while in my heart I wanted Dmac, I cannot argue what Tebow did that year was not deserving except for the fact that he was a sophomore at the time. So if you give to Dmac the 1st year and break the sophomore “rule”, then I have no reason not to give it to Tebow the second year even though Dmac was awesome that year, Tebow put up unprecedented numbers.

So I can easily say he should have had one Heisman, I just can’t see a way for it to be two. Just my humble opine while trying to be a bit objective about it all.

I don’t recall an NCAA written rule that Heisman’s could only be awarded to to Jr’s & Sr’s.

Archie Griffin - Ohio St won it twice as a Jr & Sr, but his Soph year was much better than his Sr year was. So I guess he could have qualified all 3 years.

Perhaps I should have said “unwritten rule” of no sophomores. An “unwritten rule” that got totally forgotten the next year. That’s what pissed me off about the whole Heisman choice and its hypocrisy. I’ve not paid any attention to it since then.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article by Clay Henry that touched on the subject:
The story his sophomore year was that sophomores didn’t win the Heisman. Everyone forgot that unwritten rule the next year while voting for Tebow. It was a shame then and now.

“That’s what people were saying, he was a little too young as a sophomore,” Nutt said. “But why couldn’t they let Tim wait another year when he was a sophomore? That hurt.”

The Heisman has been a joke for quite some time.

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I’m still mad that Manning did not win it. They gave it to Woodson from Michigan that year. Manning was the best college QB I’ve ever seen in person.

Agree on DMAC - Tebow was great too but they “changed” the unwritten rules for him. Sigh…

My dad says it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you…

Arkansas didn’t win enough those two years and it’s not a blue blood program. Sorry, that’s the way it works. DMac was great but at most he deserved one, if that. Others like Manning who didn’t get it probably deserved it more.

There was an organized boycott against Mannng started by an Atlanta sports writer who was irritated that McNair did not win it the yesr before. Some of the protesters left Manning off the ballot totally and Woodson won it.

Dmac was the best player in college football both years. He certainly deserved the Heisman as a sophomore…it wasn’t even a contest. Tebow was a hoss and a leader, but he wasn’t the stud McFadden was…nobody could stop DMac. We played the best team in the country in LSU and DMac ran for over 200 yards, played quarterback and was the best player on the field and the country.

Every time he touched the ball…you held your breath. He was the best player in Razorback history.

Fine, but we are not a blue blood program. Huge hinderance. Arkansas would need to win 11 games for any player on it to have a Heisman chance.

I have a hard time thinking of those red necks and Cajuns from south Louisiana as “blue bloods”. In what universe it that true?

Sadly the Heisman is not really about the best player in college football. It’s the best QB on the team with the highest number of wins. Occasionally a running back will win only if the QB doesn’t have great numbers. Burrows was the best QB and on the best team in the country. He could have had the same numbers on a team that lost 3 games and he’d have not won.

Maybe or maybe not on LSU blue blood status. They probably are. LSU is certainly a top 10 program over the past 25 years. That is sort of how I would define a blue blood program. Regardless, LSU was undefeated. That alone gives the proper predicate for a Heisman to Burrow.

And, by the way, I agree on the quarterback perspective. We may well not see another running back win a Heisman Trophy for a long, long time.

I’ve always wondered what kind of record we would have had if DMAC played QB all the time with Jones and Hillis in the backfield with him…


I don’t trust my memory, but didn’t Spurrier later admit that he “forgot” to put D-Mac on his Heisman ballot one year?

Forgot LOL, DMac ran rough shod over S. Car that year.

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Heisman is a joke and has been for decades.
I doubt there is much surprise at this year’s winner.
It is amazing the quality of QBs at OSU. Big school
in a big state.