still laughing

yesterday might have been after the game, tv was showing the fans in the stands. my son noticed someone holding up a photo someone had blown up of an ole miss player doing something after he picked his nose. we roared at the creativity of that particular arkansas fan.

today coming home for lunch, listening to justin acri on the radio, the player was identified by them as the ole miss pitcher who beat us, can’t spell his name. they were calling him the booger eater. stopped at a red light, laughing so hard, guy next to me must be wondering what i was smoking or listening to.

cudos to the arkansas fan how found the picture, then had it blown up and put on a poster. proud of our fans. still laughing.

he will now be always known to us as “the booger eater”

Really gross and disgusting

Doug Nikhazy. It was caught on TV and blew up on the interwebs. Of course the HogPen crowd wouldn’t let him live it down Sunday. The whole crowd was chanting “booger eater”. :lol:

We will have to face the booger eater next season in Oxford. Maybe the hogs can come away with a road series win.

The win was what was nice. It’s pretty tough on the young man to get caught on camera picking his nose and eating boogers! Maybe he can break the habit.

I agree

Well sorry. I just marveled at the creativity of Arkansas fans. Yes it is gross and disgusting but so is ole miss. I was also told of other posters made shown during game that were equally gross and disgusting. Made me laugh.

Delete post if it offends, sorry

He must have read Gaylord Perry’s book “Me and the Spitter”. Instead of throwing a spitball, he may have been experimenting with a booger ball. That may explain why we could, or didn’t want to hit his pitches Sunday. :shock:

That’s a good one! BOOGER BALL!

Nikhazy certainly got caught doing that and will have to live with it.

But he has been the best freshman pitcher in the SEC - per Coach Van Horn - is very mature, has great stuff and will likely be drafted highly after his junior season.

He raised $80,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network while he was in high school.

Very intelligent kid. Great quote and has big-time knowledge of the game.

Guys, I’m almost certain he wasn’t eating boogers.

He picked his nose, then his hand left the video screen. When his hand could be seen again, he put his finger in his mouth.

No one can prove it, but my bet is, when his hand went below the video screen, he was wiping his hand on his pants.

Ole Miss is by far my least favorite SEC school. However, I see no reason to pounce on this teenager with all fours. What if it were your kid?

Southpaw, I agree!

Lighten up, as you said, what if it were your kid.
What if it had been an AR player? Whoa!!!

The real surprise is that it wasn’t an Aggie caught harvesting his nose for a snack.


Grossly funny and it won’t go away… ever. Someone did a pretty good Caddy Shack take off on it and is circulating at warp speed.