Still kicking

Ole beejay turned 80 on Sunday. My best friend TeeMighty turned 89 today.

Happy birthday Beejay!

HB, BJ!!

Happy Birthday young man.

Congrats on 80—I just celebrated 75 so I’m chasing you

Happy Birthday

Glad ya’ll are still here.

Happy Birthday, beejay! ghg

You are doing great! Congratulations and best wishes. WPS!

Glad you are able to join our club. Happy Birthday! GHG!

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

I’ve been saying that I’m older than dirt, but you make me feel like a spring chicken! :sunglasses:

Happy Birthday :birthday:!!!

Thanks and more thanks. Posts on this board keep me going and as far as I can remember I have been a Razorback fan since 1945. I have called a lot of Hogs. I think I am more excited about our football program than ever.

Happy birthday young man! May God Bless you! I hope we all have many more years to call the Hogs! I’m excited about our football team too! Actually I get excited about anything Razorback!