Still have ?? about coverage

After watching the replay, I am still a little confused about what I have heard concerning the coverage by the d-backs. I have heard the coaches say we were in press coverage about 70% of the time. I have also heard on the radio call-in shows that we cannot run any press coverage against the slot receivers.

So, I watched the Tech slot receiver line up and the Arkansas defensive back was 8 to 12 yards away. On the snap, the defensive back kept backing up leaving a huge cushion. The Tech receiver frequently caught the ball and nobody was within 10 yards of them.

On the other hand, when Reed or Hollister or Cornelius ran quick slants similar to the Tech routes, their defensive back was plastered all over our man and frequently stuck their hands in between the receiver and the ball and frequently knocked the ball away or just busted up the pass. They closed so fast, even when Austin threw very quickly.

How is it that the Tech defensive backs are able to stay so close and make so many plays, while our guys very often do not? Is it philosophy? Is it that our players are not as talented? I know that one can look at the replay and pick out some plays where this isn’t consistent, but overall I stick by my impression. And, of course, it wasn’t limited to the last game.

Questioned the same thing during the game. Came to the conclusion that Tech’s DBs are just better than ours. But their D got a lot of pressure on AA. So, that could help their press coverage.

I did see some press coverage. I saw some times when there was not press coverage. Down and distance did seem to point to it or away from it. I sure expected more press. I do know that it’s hard to press the slot. I did see a lot of zone inside. That was not man-to-man. I did see slants open on both sides depending on down and distance. I did see it taken away in some situations.

I am confused as to why you’re confused–especially if you watched it that many times.

We pressed a lot with the corners on the edges. We didn’t on the slot guys.

Why is that? The spread is designed to get one of their better WRs in the slot vs our 4th or 5th best db or a mismatched LB.

That happened with safeties a lot. We chose to make hem drive the field rather than hitting huge plays on mismatches.

The in-game injury of Richardson didn’t help. They didn’t do much against our best corners .

It’s worth noting that we adjusted in the 2nd half and gave up just 6 points.