Still amazed Mike did not work out

Nobody cares about this babbling post. I thought it was time for a change. Yes, I was on the evil/realist side however you view it. Hate it for him and his family. I used to clean Nolan’s car and as a kid saw Mike whenever he lived on Matilda Lane in Fayetteville. Stunner. I’d of bet my house his hire would have never failed. I sure hope he ends up still in Fayetteville long term.

OK now what did Mike do for a couple of year?

Like do NOTHING? And let Manuale call the plays? Or what elso did he do " so called out of bound

Often times, it just seemed that he no longer had the drive or passion he once coached with. Maybe I was just reading him wrong.

Most people here genuinely liked him, but coaching is a big $$$ business. Much is given, but much more is expected in return, as well.

Hope he goes to Tulsa and resurrects that program to the Nolan levels.

Allow me to frame this discussion in this perspective Mike left Missouri for 2million and signed with Arkansas for 2.2million no salary increases these 8yrs to speak of, the program he took over were under NCAA sanctions, key players were leaving. Now the salary range I’m hearing you are willing to pay his replacement the guy is 3.5-6 mill a year. I guess you aren’t familiar with the harvest law- “You reap what you Sow” or perhaps “what goes around comes around “ The Long Night Is Near

Paying a replacement more than his/her predecessor is fairly common in business and in sports. This has nothing to do with Mike. I have left jobs for the same job tile because I received a significant bump in pay. People will pay more for the unknown or potential. Mike did not recruit well enough to win here consistently. We have been an average program across his entire tenure. We’ve had glimpses of greatness and periods of what the heck are we doing during the last 8 years. Mike inherited a terrible situation but year 8 just was not very good. The current recruiting class did not offer hope for the future. If Arkansas hires a winner then Mike should know he played a huge role in getting the program back on track. If we stay average then we will be looking for a new coach and new AD in about 3-5 years. Mike knows the vast majority of fans want nothing but the best for him and his family. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

The program was not under NCAA sanctions when he took over but don’t let that get in the way of your agenda. By all means, keep rollingwithmike…

Whether sanctioned or not we couldn’t have our full limit of scholarships due to the APR/grad rate or lack of. Mike took over a mess. I agree with Nate Allen today, HY is out in the pasture avoiding cow pies. It sure seems like he was flirting with Sampson all winter in case we had an opening and when the time came Sampson wouldn’t make the change. Now we are looking to make our run at the hottest new girl at the dance , throw big money at Beard and he will come? Except it would seem Lubbock is to him a little like Fayetteville was to Mike. Beard wanted that Tech job, we will help get him a Top 10 contract from TEch and we will be hitting the mid majors again. Maybe we get lucky and hire the next big thing or maybe we get Pel/Heath.

I personally don’t believe much Nate writes during this coaching search. His sources aren’t any better than Wally’s. Probably the same.

Mike failed to succeed at Arkansas like he succeeded at UAB & Missouri. The main reason was the cheating and paying players in the SEC went way up just after he arrived. THAT is what changed. The team he left at Missouri for his replacement was far more talented than any team he had at Arkansas.

The coaching style, the assistants, the defensive and offensive scheme that worked before would have still worked if the quality of the players compared to his competition had stayed high. He lost Allen, Monk, Goodwin, Perry, etc. to programs that paid them to play. In the past, he would have signed those type of players. Then those players and others he failed to sign because he would not pay them helped Arkansas lose game after game.

So, it wasn’t working. It was time for a change. It is going to be hard to find someone who will do better without cheating. Hope HY pulls it off.

If only he could coach…and recruit.

It didn’t work out for Mike for a multitude of reasons and obviously it had nothing to do with character. I can say thank you to Mike for his coming back home and doing his best to revive a program on life support that now thanks to Mike has made great strides and is up and doing well. My hope is that we can bring in someone that can build on what Mike has started. We know our program can be a top 25 and better every year with the right man at the helm. I’m hoping for Beard and I know for us to get him he will become the highest paid coach in the history of Arkansas sports and I’m just not sure anyone is willing to climb out on that limb just quite yet. I believe at best we will end up with Musselman and at the least the guy from Northwest Missouri St and there is several that will fit in between these two guys. Everyday we wait more names come off the board and the pool gets smaller, HY must of had a ton of support to fire Mike, but if we don’t get Beard you can bet HY is going to feel like he’s on a island as his support shrinks. Tumultuous times right now but all storms pass and so will this one we just have to hunker down till it’s over then come out and assess the damage, who knows maybe we come out unscathed and with a bright future. We can always hope ! WPS

That actually became a non issue as I recall. The first year it was to affect us, we got permission to lose the scholarship the next year. But then, someone didn’t come, got hurt, something, can’t remember what, and we were able to take the “loss of scholarship” that year. It never affected Mike’s ability to sign players.

Mike did take over a mess, agree with that.

I was one of the few who didn’t like the Mike hire from day one (doesn’t mean I didn’t support him and hope like heck he won big). I didn’t think he would/could get it done in recruiting. That, in my opinion, was proven to be correct. I think he was a fine game day coach, I personally don’t have any issues with his “system.” It was all about Jerrys and Joes, not X’s and O’s. He didn’t get enough Jerrys and Joes.

Inflated expectations are what every fan has. He was a dead duck day one. Even I didnt realize how far we had fallen in the talent food chain because of failing to be ranked consistently in 23 years after ncaa investigation or the 23 years before Eddie arrived to be blessed with birth of triplets.
Since first five glorious years of sec membership and no sec tourney titles, we have only three NBA first rounders in Johnson, Brewer and Portis. Yet somehow CMA beat Nolan’s sec% after 1996 to 2002 firing and was second in sec in wins behind Calipari 2015-2019 seasons. UA failed to market Mike to aid his recruiting by promoting he was second to Calipari which isnt mediocre by any measurement.
You promote his being peer in no losing season stat with Ol Roy, Izzo and Few. You promote and celebrate the three sec west titles like UCF celebrated in football. Great promotion and success breeds success. Get on it UA. Too much money to be below 50% in sec football consistently and somewhat stupid to fire second in sec last five and best at Ark since championship era with no replacement to name pronto versus caught with pants down desperation. Need bottom of 9th grandslam to get me to see the light at end of this search to replace so called mediocre Mike. Who wants a job where second to Kentucky gets you fired. CMA failed to get talent for his system. If Gabe stretched floor from three like Dwight Stewart or Harris shot like Dusty Hannahs or Darryl Macon this years young squad would have fared better. Thanks Mike! I don’t know how you took the high expectations for 8 years at 9th pay despite winning most in sec other than Cal since 2014.
You promote the drubbing his team put on Eddie Sutton’s OK St team to legitimitize his coaching pedigree. Instead understate attendance with scanner undercounts and parade it as apathy setting in.
Bottom line is if Richardson was on ropes in 2000 and 2002, why would you think Mike’s 2nd in sec to Nolan’s 5 or pelphreys 8th place in sec wins, saves his job. Pelphrey Probably sec 10th in sec wins in his tenure if Aggies and Mizzou were in sec. at the time. Bottom line is that you must make Sweet 16 once every 5 years to go along with second to Kentucky wins and get ranked . Mike was far from Mediocre compared to all coaches not named Sutton or pre 1996-1997 Nolan. Not in swc to be like Gonzaga, so doomed in sec with plenty of cash but no ranking to lure talent or expletive offers. Nolan and Eddie teams were consistently ranked and attracted nba level talent during success highs. Need 2020 and 2021 in staters to come play for new coach on faith of Marvin Delph for Coach Sutton. Doesnt have tobe big name since CBB from Wisconsin hiring is still painfully expensive big name hire failure to produce.