Still a ways to go

Alabama’s dept at almost every position was on display yesterday. Even their second string players overpowered our defense. I know are talent on the Hill is better than in previous years, but we need immediate help at TE, Receiver, Secondary, and depth on both Offensive Line, and Defensive Line. The portal can get us some help, but the Staff needs to take our recruiting to another level in order to keep pace with the rest of the Conference. Player development is also a priority.

Meaning all hands on deck.

Honeymoon is over. IMO it’s not all on staff the players need to step up.

Why Sam is trying to recruit every day 24/7


This one one of the few games against Bama that you could say Arkansas held their own at the line of scrimmage.

Skill guys and DBs were the obvious Bama advantages.


Recruiting and player development will always be the key to success. We are moving in the right direction, but it’s not like flipping a switch. The better the recruiting classes the “easier” the player development part gets. Before turning 3 stars into 4’s and 4’s into 5’s you have to get them on campus.

I like where we seem to be going, but we ain’t there yet.


Hard to not see recruits noticing playing opportunity exists…and the program is inching closer.


This is something that continues to baffle me. When I was a kid (I’m younger than some of you), joining the underdogs and helping them win was super rewarding. Now, it’s let’s play for the big dogs, even if we ride the pine for four years. I guess it’s the new generation

That’s something my Dad and I were talking about, we should be able to push around everyone in the SEC for the most part except for Bama and Georgia. I think fixing the lines was priority number one for Pittman, now on to recruit more talent and speed elsewhere.

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