Still #1 (as if there were any doubt)

I love the D1 headline: D1Baseball Top 25: Chaos Abound After Arkansas

Arkansas cemented its hold on the No. 1 spot in the D1Baseball Top 25 by winning a road series at No. 4 Tennessee, keeping the Hogs in the top position for the sixth week in a row. The Razorbacks improved to 7-1 against teams currently ranked in the top 10, and 15-3 against teams ranked in the Top 25 — with all 18 of those games played away from Baum Stadium.

The next four teams in last week’s rankings all lost their series, allowing Texas to move up three spots to No. 2 despite being off for exams. Vanderbilt fell one spot to No. 3 after losing a series at Ole Miss, and Tennessee held steady at No. 4 after dropping two of three to the top-ranked Hogs. Texas Tech returned to the top 5 after a series win at Oklahoma.

Rank Team Overall Record Record Last Week Previous Rank
1 Arkansas 39-10 3-1 1
2 Texas 38-12 0-0 5
3 Vanderbilt 36-12 2-2 2
4 Tennessee 39-13 2-2 4
5 Texas Tech 33-12 2-1 7
6 Oregon 33-11 3-0 10
7 Arizona 35-13 3-0 13
8 Notre Dame 26-10 1-0 8
9 Florida 35-16 2-2 9
10 Mississippi State 36-13 1-2 3
11 East Carolina 36-11 3-1 11
12 TCU 35-14 1-2 6
13 Ole Miss 36-15 3-1 18
14 Louisiana Tech 36-14 3-2 14
15 Stanford 28-12 2-2 12
16 Florida State 28-19 3-2 17
17 Gonzaga 30-13 3-0 22
18 UCLA 30-16 3-1 23
19 Southern Miss 35-17 2-2 19
20 UC Irvine 33-15 4-0 24
21 South Carolina 31-18 3-1 25
22 Charlotte 37-16 2-2 20
23 NC State 26-14 4-0 NR
24 Michigan 25-13 2-1 NR
25 Arizona State 30-16 3-1 NR

Dropped Out
Louisville 26-18 0-3 15
Pittsburgh 22-16 0-3 16
Indiana 24-12 1-2 21

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We might have stayed #1 even with a series loss; not sure they would have bumped EOE up on two 1-run wins. But glad we didn’t have to find out.

And we finally play a top 10 team at home.

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What we have accomplished is just incredible! 15-3 against top 25 all on the road is amazing especially when you consider our pitching is still kind of shaky other than giving the ball to Kopps.Team has heart of a champion and hope we can win one for them


Where’s Missou:)

Kendall Rogers tweeted last night that he would have kept the Hogs #1 even if we’d lost yesterday.

Just a minor detail, but we’re actually 14-4 against the Top 25 (with losses on the road to Louisiana Tech, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee). Maybe D1 baseball has corrected their summary by now.

Still, an amazing record. Especially when you think that our 2018 team that played for the championship lost every SEC road series we played.


Yes incredible what we’ve done against a schedule that has been brutally insane. Every great team we’ve played was on the road! I just hope we keep the pedal to the metal and finish the regular season strong and then get ready for Regionals.

Does Notre Dame play in the ACC in baseball or are they independent?

Notre Dame is in the ACC in everything but football and hockey, where they’re a semi-Big Ten member.

I noticed they only played one game this last week. Seemed strange if they are playing in the ACC. Thanks for the info.

Notre Dame had finals starting Friday and ending Wednesday. Texass didn’t play for the same reason, although it’s also true that the Little Dozen only has nine baseball teams and one has to be idle in conference play. The ACC bumped up to a 36-game baseball schedule this year with the pandemic but limited nonconference games; they could play a max of 50. So far ND has only played 36 but they had six games wiped out for various reasons; they’ve only played four NC games. Clemson has played all 47 they could.

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