Stidham to Enter Draft

I guess this was a forgone conclusion to many…but his numbers this year were poor. Nationally 77th and 66th, rating and ypg. … 125867314/

He is a good quarterback and will probably be drafted, too bad Auburn is running him off just to get KB.

Are coincidences are just that or like most, they don’t usually just happen.

Stidham declares for the draft the same day KB is to announce where he will play next year, hmmm.

Oh & Gus made one final in home visit to get the last word & open up the checkbook.

Coincidence ?

How many coincidences before it becomes a fact? :lol:

Don’t look good does it? :sunglasses:

This will shock everyone!
KB declares for the draft & Stidham decides to transfer here since Gus tried to run him off to get KB anyway.
Now that would be some serious drama!