Stidham going pro

Think that all but seals the deal for Bryant going to Auburn.

Timing certainly makes you wonder. If true, will be interesting to see if Stidham plays in their bowl game.

I have seen other places say where he may be a plan B if KB doesn’t come,but he is no different than what we have,he is not a dual threat QB and is not good at all when he feels pressure which is suicide behind this OL we held AU to 225 with our tererible defense.We Have to have a dual threat QB that can mkae the defense have to really be worried about him running.Noland can do if it has too but would like for him to get 1 more yr of maturity.

No…it’s Mizzou

don’t see the appeal for Mizzou substandard facilities and a totally different offense to learn,I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my last yr having to learn a new offense.

May be Mizzou but their coaches don’t share same feeling. They were at our school this week recruiting a junior qb, coach said he thought it was Arkansas. Guess we will see…

Mizzou would let “Kelly be Kelly”. In other words they are going to be very tolerant of their QB being creative. They trusted Lock’s talent a whole lot, basically figuring his talent would come out ahead over his mistakes. That’s been their pattern with QBs even before Odom became the coach. I think it is probably a more comfortable system for a true dual threat guy with only one year of eligibility than Auburn, where Gus believes his offense is THE thing, and the QB is just a high-value chess piece.

Plus the drama and pressure at Auburn is going to be off the charts next year. At Mizzou, or even MSU, Bryant gets the exposure against elite competition but will not be judged as harshly if his team is, say, 3-2 after the first five games. If Auburn is 3-2 with Florida, Georgia, LSU and Bama still to play, the Auburn fan base will be in freak out mode, speculating about the Gus buyout.

As I was saying.

I hope Malzahn pushed Stidham to go pro believing certainly KB would choose Auburn. Think he’s on his knees begging Stidham to not go?

No Stidham just wants out

i’m thinking the same thing I wonder is Stidham will have a change of heart in the coming weeks lol

I bet no change of heart for Stidham.

He’s gone!

Malzahans best recruit would have been convincing Stidham to stay.

sounds like Gus has his problems too