Stewart Mandel picks Hogs updated SDS

SM writes for The Athletic and he picks Hogs 24-Bama 20

Other picks:
Rebels 26. Ky 24
MSU 20 TAM14
LSU 27 War Eagles 16

Here’s Mandel’s picks.

The money graf:

Alabama loses so infrequently that it’s always stunning when they do. And yet, the Tide have lost a regular-season game in 11 of Nick Saban’s 15 seasons — often when you least expect it. I’m sure Alabama will be a machine by season’s end, but it’s still finding itself on offense, and Arkansas will come out blazing after last week’s A&M heartbreaker.


I have no idea how he thinks we’re going to hold them to 20 points but if we do I definitely like our chances… I’m thinking we got to score 35

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He was picking close scores in most of games he listed

image My brother ain’t got a clue. Bama big over the Hogs. (Alabama Got Talent)

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