Stewart Mandel bowl projections

At The Athletic. He now has us in the Outback against Wisconsin. He previously had us in Nashville against Purdue.

Mandel also says there may not be 84 teams with six wins to fill the bowls. If not, they go to 5-7 teams with the best academic progress rates. The top two there? Texass and Florida. His parting shot: “Enjoy Detroit, Longhorns.” :rofl:

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It would be interesting to see how APR is applied to the bowls this year. I think the NCAA has suspended APR calculations for two years due to covid.

I’m not finding anything about APR calculation being suspended, and Stew isn’t the only bowl prognosticator who has made reference to needing to fill the 2021 bowl games with 5-7 teams via APR. So dunno.

The calculations might be ongoing, not sure, but public release of those findings and penalties have been suspended.

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