Steve Spurrier opens a restaurant in Gainesville

And the drink menu contains the “CiTrUs 75” cocktail, a nod to his famous jab against Tennessee that you can’t spell Citrus without UT. Some of the menu items are stuff TOBC likes, such as burgers topped with avocados, and some of Jerri Spurrier’s best dinnertime concoctions. But their seafood special is the Ike Hilliard Catch of the Day.

I won’t be eating there. I doubt Darren McFadden will either. TOBC (the overrated ball coach) cost DMac the Heisman Trophy. Spurrier only gave his HT votes to QBs. DMac ran for 300 yds on the SC Roosters…but didn’t get a single vote from that coach. But neither did Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell, etc.


Hope that wasn’t “political.”

Spurrier is a guy I wish I could like. Not after what he did to McFadden. Despicable


Despicable isn’t harsh enough. The old fart has no conscience.

I was in Charlotte waiting on a flight to Gainesville Florida years ago (when visor boy was coach of the Gators). Steve and his wife were in the concourse waiting on the same flight. Steve was on his cell phone pacing and talking kinda loud. For a good while. Finally his wife said in no uncertain terms “Steve, get off the phone and sit down you’re driving us all crazy”. Steve obeyed immediately and was a good boy the remainder of the trip. He’s lots of things but dumb is not one of them.

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