Steve Kerr on Moses Moody

Looks like MM has carved out a future for himself in Golden State after all. This is a very long quote about one player. From The Athletic:

"Development is not linear,” Kerr said. “Every young player has to go through the process of understanding the NBA and figuring out who he is and where he can make an impact. I think in Moses’ case, he had some good moments for us last year, even in the playoffs against Dallas. I remember him having a couple good games. He’s always been somebody we’ve been impressed with in terms of his maturity and his perspective. So this year, to be very frank, he was not really confident during the middle part of the season, couldn’t find a rhythm. Part of that was he was in and out of the rotation. As I said, we were searching for combinations, trying to play a lot of people.

"The biggest thing is we saw a breakthrough with Moses later on in the season. You have to understand that we look at practice every single day. Development isn’t just about what happens in the games, it’s about what happens in practice every single day. And Moses had a real breakthrough late in the season in the pickup games that our guys play and in 3-on-3 and the individual work. You could see he realized a lot of things — how to use his strength, he realized how hard he had to play, how hard he had to go after loose balls, rebounds. That translates.

“And fast-forward to the playoffs and all of a sudden he’s back in the rotation, diving on the floor for loose balls, getting offensive rebounds, knocking down shots. So I think Moses had a breakthrough at the end of the year, and that’s what you look for — you look for someone who’s got perseverance and stays with it and keeps working and eventually breaks through. But you just don’t know how long that process is going to take.”

There may be some people leaving the Dubs this summer, but I don’t think Moody will be one.


Pretty sure they hope somebody will take Poole’s massive contract off their hands.
He is a cancer on that team.

Keep in mind that all that is Steve Kerr talking. In NBA, player decisions are made by General,Manager. Don’t think for a minute that GM won’t send Moody out in a second in a multi-player trade like Moody-Poole-Wiggins if they have a chance to get a player like Jayson Tatum in return.

Tatum needs a real coach. He has lost his Mamba mentality, but I ain’t crying for the Celtics.
Never have, never will.

Right now they have a GM who isn’t sure he’s coming back, so there’s that to consider.

Indeed. But I don’t think GS can just trade Poole alone. They won’t get the bang for their buck. I suspect that if another team or team’s come calling Moody will have to be in a package deal with Poole.