Steve Alford

I’ll be honest. It’s the direction I can honestly see this search going, and I’d take him over the cat at New Mexico State.


I can’t wait to see the name posted tomorrow. Every day there’s a poster with a new idea.

My thoughts? No.


Been trying to keep an open mind about this search but I have to say Alford is one candidate that does not excite me. At all. I’m sure since he’s recently unemployed, that he’s likely interested in us. I just hope we aren’t interested in him.

No thank you! Know first hand of a recent recruit that took an official there last year and he said that Alford was an absolute a-hole to the players in practice and incredibly degrading to the kids on the team. Let me be clear on this, this kid is aware coaches can and will be hard on the kids but he said it was way beyond that. He had them in final 3 until after that!

I don’t know anything about Alford’s style, but coaches generally are a byproduct of how they were coached as players. Alford played for Bob Knight.

I know him a little and think he is a very good coach and a very good person.

But LA was not his scene and, well, Lavar Ball could drive anybody crazy.

Still, he went to three Sweet 16s - the new expected standard around here - with UCLA in his first five years there before being let go in his sixth season there.

Head coaching record: 587-298

Division III Manchester: 78-29
Missouri State: 78-48
Iowa: 152-106
New Mexico: 155-52
UCLA: 124-63

Steve Alford another winner…better choice than KS in my opinion.

Thad Matta another if his health problems are solved and he wants back in. Helluva resume.

Agree completely Matt. Some players may be ok with it and others are not. I know it was a huge turnoff for this kid.

Thanks, Matt!!

You know the type of 5 star and high 4 star recruits he was able to get at UCLA, right?

I thought it was interesting that Alford was fired this year after a 7-6 start. All six of the teams that beat UCLA to that point made the NCAA Tournament.

Thanks, Dudley!!