Steve Alford and UCLA...

The guy got fired after leading the Bruins to 3 Sweet 16 appearances in his 5 seasons at UCLA. Ben Howland did better than Alford at UCLA, and he got fired. I read that article on CBS Sports and could not believe it. John Wooden left a legacy that nobody can live up to, I suspect. UCLA’s basketball standards are a little higher than most schools. Crazy high.

I wouldn’t say that. UCLA believes it should be an elite basketball program. I think they want to be talked about along with Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas and Michigan State as a Tier 1 program.

High standards to be judged by. Basketball is very important to them. At least a future coach knows what he’s getting into. Win, win big, go very deep into ncaa tourney. And do it now.

I hope they have fun looking for a win now coach at all cost.

Past history says Alford would have got it done. Maybe there is something below the surface?

Wimp Sanderson really ripped Alford the other day on the radio. Said he was the most undisciplined Bobby Knight guy he had ever been around. Said people at UCLA were tired of it. He also went on to say UCLA has a facilities problem. They need to catch up. Said it was a good gig for Murray this year but of course he won’t get the job.

An old blue blood program that has turned into a grey blood program… I can’t imagine that.

Everyone who keeps up with college hoops knows Alford wasn’t getting it done there. It had turned into a mess, and he is out.

Sure UCLA as a program has to step up when it comes to money (limited charter flights…really?) but that program had turned into a dumpster fire with Alford at the helm.

It’s one of the original legacy basketball institution of higher learning. Apparently UCLA want to get back to those years gone by. To be honest I’m surprised Kansas has stayed with Self this long, another original college basketball program that has the luxury of selecting players 5*| 4* as oppose to recruiting/chasing them. In other words players select the school/ program as oppose to solely the coach

Shoe company money has bought Kansas players! It’s not the Kleenex man " Self " getting the recruiting done.

Self has won like 13 conference titles in a row,

If it’s a shoe contract, I wish we tried to get a similar shoe contract.

We haven’t won one conference title in almost a quarter century.

I bet Bruce Pearl ends up there, then! Don’t be surprised!