Seen 2 or 3 posts that stepp is being sought for South Carolina receivers coach. Great recruiter, but sure would hurt recruiting if he got the job and rocket followed him, and some other receiver commits. Early signing can’t get here soon enough

I know Stepp and family love Fayetteville a lot. I have family that are good friends with them. Unless it’s a big step up in pay or responsibility I don’t see that happening. Just IMO

Chandler Morris is at OU and I’m sure knows Beamer pretty well. And I’m pretty sure Chandler and Stepp still have a relationship. You’d think so anyway. I suspect if Stepp is looking he could’ve used his Morris connections. I bet Chandler is how that big OU tight end made his way to Auburn.

Seems he is originally from South Carolina, so this worries me a bit. As much as I would like to keep him, if the call home is too strong, I suspect Sam can find a good recruiter with a stronger regional base, since Steep seems to be very Carolina heavy in his resume.

Good point on originally being from SC. I’d forgotten that.

Born in Columbia, raised in Pellon. Played at Furman. Coached at Clemson, App State and SMU. Dynamic personality. There were some really great recruiters on Morris’ Staff. Stepp was the best, IMO, Mark Smith Jeff Traylor, Steve Caldwell and Barry Lunney were good, too.

More money and more responsibility to help him move up the ladder will probably be the way to get Justin to SC. The chance to go home is a big plus too.

I wasn’t for keeping him after we fired Morris. I have since “seen the light”. I hope we do anything within reason to try and keep him. His recruiting and the terrific play of our receivers show he’s an excellent young coach.

Wife’s from Dallas, happy wife, happy life, and this:


I seen that. They seem to really like it here. Hopefully they stay awhile

You want teams to want your coaches. You just have to be able to replace them. If you can’t then you have to figure out how to keep them.

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