Stephen A & Panel BLAST Will Wade, NCAA....GOOD STUFF!


I hardly agree with Stephen A., but a “Fine for Flagrant Stupidity” maybe the smartest thing I’ve ever heard him say. And he’s right, it’s THE coach at LSU on the phone. Flagrant Stupidity maybe an understatement.

I with you on Stephen A…but in this case I thought the whole panel was spot on.

It’s been widely known in basketball circles for awhile.

Finally, something Stephen A and I can agree on

Having listened to this whole discussion, if what they say is true, then everybody is getting paid. The teams that are the best teams are the teams that are the most organized at paying players without getting caught. They are shaming Will Wade for having the stupidity to not have someone else do the dirty stuff for him. They are not shaming him for cheating, they are shaming him for getting caught.

This makes me think that the reason Arkansas is not good at the two money sports, while being at the top in most of the other sports, is because we aren’t very good at paying the players. This whole thing makes me sick. Someone please convince me I am wrong.

I think you are more right than wrong.

I think you are spot on. The ncaa does not care as long as teams are not blatantly cheating. They were ready to walk away from Ole Miss until Tunsil opened his mouth on draft day. They have poor to no enforcement. All they care about is their fat pay checks. I think we have to do what it takes to compete with these other teams, at least until the ncaa grows a pair (which they won’t)

Sean Miller will suffer the same fate as Wade. He will be suspended in due time.
What’s taking Jeff Long so long to act on Bill Self?
The NCAA may not touch any blue blood program and that’s probably the sad part of this whole deal.
The question remains will LSU fire Wade and suspend the pay to play players (s). Smart isn’t the only one on the team getting paid.

It seems the cheating discussion, especially by so many of the talking heads, always gets co-mingled with paying the players. To me this is entirely non-sense, because even if kids were paid, it would be a set amount that would be across the board. Why would we be convinced that those who do not want to compete on an even footing now, would be willing to compete on an even footing then. Unfortunately any predetermined salary will likely not be satisfactory when boosters, agents, etc are still around to sweeten the pot. It seems that is also very convenient for these media types to point out how the system profits from these kids, which it does, yet seemingly not that interested in those who are pimping the kids. The cynical side of me can easily question whether this under the table money is providing much, if any, better financial support for the kids college time.

May come down to subpoena’s to players & possibly parents of players of the blue blood teams. Or at least the teams involved in the FBI probe for now. If we are going to ever know the full extent.
NCAA can’t subpoena anybody, they probably wouldn’t anyway.

LSU looking weak now. If they know enough to suspend Wade it’s enough to fire him.

Seems to be upset because of how he got caught more than anything.

So, it doesn’t matter that they cheat and are paying players…it is more that he got caught. Well, I’m not surprised…integrity and proper behavior is not valued by this society any more as we just whirlpool down into the toilet. Our societal values are just disappearing right before our eyes.

If this stuff is so widely known, why does it take the FBI to start to shine the light on it? Why don’t the people who know about it come forward and put an end to it? Is it because everyone is somewhat dirty and doesn’t want to be the one to point the finger, because if word got out then they’d be in the cross-hairs as well?

Basically it’s a yawner to the public and to the media somewhat at this point. Like Dudley says, ESPN & all other sports media outlets say-this is no surprise. What’s surprising Is how blatant & sloppy Wade was, even forgetting to close his door at first.
Now if we here some wiretaps of Coach Self, Coach K, Coach Cal, etc. in similar discussions then it will get interesting.

Remember the Marvin Bagley ordeal went viral instantly. Another time, another era.

Hearing that double headed snake Seth Greensburg on ESPN saying how the NCAA needs to get to the bottom of all this & clean up college basketball with such sincerity was enough to make ya want to smash the radio. He must think he is untouchable because of his employer I guess. ESPN will throw him in the fire faster than you can count to two just to save face. I hope it happens, sooner the better.

Is he one of the worst 3 in the league?

No, around the time the FBI started their investigation, Jay Williams (one of the guys on Gameday) had a video come out of when he was in charge of an AAU program. He knows the bagmen, the crooked coaches, the crooked shoe companies. He straight admitted to being offered $100,000 just to steer one of his guys to the table to speak. If the FBI and the NCAA really wanted to fix the issue, put him in the investigation. Yes he is NOW a media member, but I’m not sure Freedom of the Press protects him from being subpoenaed in this case. If you watch the video up top again, Max Kellerman says everyone does it and he knows who they are. I think the FBI should subpoena EVERY member of ESPN, and when the say “1st amendment” the judge signing the subpoena should say “contempt” and have them sit in jail until those they’re protecting come forward. When the idiots at ESPN find out all these individuals are gonna let them rot in jail, they’ll sing like canaries and Nike, Adidas, and all the “crooks” will be outed.

But that WILL NEVER happen. Just like Smart being ruled ineligible, it will come out that there was another Smart and he didn’t attend LSU.

I love your remedy and (unfortunately) agree with your outcome. The NCAA will continue to pursue those bad people at BYU and other big time blue blood programs (note the sarcasm).

Wade will be a work colleague with Stephen A before the year is out and a college basketball coaching hot commodity in another year. He’ll be fine.

Roy, Calimari, Izzo and the likes are getting old, the young guys are jockeying for position. Wade has set himself up pretty well down the line.