step back from the ledge...

Arkansas track record is a lot better than one blown game.
One game. A single game. All this loss means is…1 game lost.

Arkansas typically plays good defense. They didn’t in the 9th. Chadwick doesn’t typically hit batters and walk players. He did in the 9th.

Welcome to baseball. it happens.

Terrible loss! Would not have had Kopps in after giving up 1st run in the 8th. When you lose 2 years in a row in such an epic meltdown fashion… Pretty bad!!

The bullpen is a concern for Arkansas. This was essentially the same thing that happened against Mizzou on Sunday a couple of weeks ago. Chadwick and Taccolini have been erratic, and there aren’t a lot of options that are better.

Looks to me like it carried over to Sunday. Pathetic to score no runs when we had many chances.

Yeah, its not like it was a good pitcher or anything. We just suck

I think that’s going to be a big-time pitcher Arkansas ran into on Sunday. He’s a freshman and he’s thrown 16 straight scoreless innings against two of the best teams in the conference.

Matt’s right. He is a good pitcher. He was throwing three pitches Seth Buckminster thought were strikes. Maybe some of them were low and out of the zone, but that helped the freshman a great deal. Tough to hit that pitch and when it’s called a strike, he’s got a great advantage. The Hogs never got the leadoff man on in nine innings. That’s a recipe for a shutout. Oh, that’s what happened.