Step back from the ledge.

Hey guys, I understand the frustration, got out of the U of A in '63 so I been there for a while. For those who demand that CCM be thrown to the wolves after one year with CBB’s players, take a breath and a step off the ledge. Coaches coach hard, it is a demanding job, probably 80 hours a week and they love it and they love they kids. Their hardest job is recruiting in a world of money and morals and I believe that we (the Hog world) do not want to be there, at least I do not. To demand CCM’s skin after this debacle year is probable understandable and I do understand. I also believe that we must commit to a program that is in it to win it over the long haul. Let’s take a breath and reconvene in two years and assess the Coach after he has his guys in the fold, OK?

Good post. I agree. Awful year, but I can’t help but believe the program has enough assets to recover. I know lots of programs that are winless or nearly so that come back & do well 2-3 years later. Holtz did it at S. Carolina. UCF was winless about 3-4 years ago. TCU was awful for years.

I hear ya. We are not on the ledge, well fell off and crashed to the bottom awhile back. But I will gladly climb back up to the ledge and give him another year.

Not on the ledge. Just see a lot of really bad signs.

Unless we get some good offensive linemen, the ledge will always be there.