For what it’s worth, Joe Steinmetz is at the Razorbacks’ basketball game tonight. He is sitting behind the bench.

You really think Steinmetz is the one calling the shots here. I’m sure he knows if it was that easy to get rid of Long and Bielema then he will tow the line he is told or we might also be in the market for a new Chancellor after the new year. I realize on paper, its his job to name a coach, but how many things actually work out like it says on paper. Just my opine.

Where is the interim athletic director?

Bless his heart. Hogs are getting their a** kicked at half. Ugly game. Not guarding the 3 at all. Houston is red hot.

No one will say.

On a plane

She is either ensuring she is best choice for AD or ensuring anyone hired is loyal to her so she doesn’t get fired by new AD.

Her being high profile hiring new coach perhaps helps her ensure she is made permanent.

Probably talking to Houston about the chancellor position should it come open, JCP is on the upper row way back.

u suppose he was there talking the houston A D. about our opening?

Maybe they are meeting Kevin Sumlin there.

Or the Houston coach.

Or the Dali Lama