Stay tune


This have something to do with the Knoxville duo?

Interesting. I keep up with the recruiting trail pretty adamantly, but this is the first time I’ve noticed these guys. Ready to hear more about them.


I think RD’s vacation plans are about to change.


Apologies in advance, I can’t keep up with recruiting like I would like too … Can you or someone else post who you are discussing? I really appreciate it, thank you.

I think this is Richard’s way of not stealing their thunder.


Thank you very much. I really do appreciate it.

Did you notice that I wasn’t asking Richard? I understand how the recruiting game works, But you got your little lecture in… Not helpful. If you can’t provide an answer then move on. Thanks.

FWIW, I didn’t read JIHawg’s post to be a “lecture” - just an explanation of why Richard would not be likely to respond with more info until after announcements are made. At least, that’s the way I took it.

You wonder sometiimes if Richard (and Wally as well) knows how recruiting actually works. Both of them spent numerous column inches on “Juice Hill” - two sport superstar athlete for the Hogs, can play any position he wants to in either sport. Kid will never play one minute on the court or one down on the field in a Hogs uniform.

Yes, Richard has no idea what he’s doing. They’ll probably fire him for incompetent. They’ll be looking for your resume on the top of the stack.

If you don’t like Richard’s content, you might as well unsubscribe.

Can’t argue the Wally comment though…

Never ever called Justice “Juice”.

Never called him a two-sport super star.

Never said he could play any position he wanted to in either sport. Even though I’m sure he could play on the offensive line or play the five in hoops.


Keep up the good work. Don’t let negative posters bother you. Attacks like this are cowardly!!!

Agreed…thank you for being so informative on all the recruits RD, it is truly appreciated. Also appreciate your approach on stealing the kids thunder unlike other so called recruiting experts out there.

Once again, was I asking Richard? Pretty obvious I was asking other posters. So why the grossly inaccurate reply? Just move on…

Not directed at you Woz:

Another thing… These two kids committed to being Razorbacks and in their commit threads some serious star lickers are ripping them for supposedly not being talented enough or have high enough ratings to elicit a dopamine response in their tiny cromag brains. How is this behavior being tolerated by The Staff and Mods? If you can’t be happy for these recruits in the proudest of their life why post? Better yet, at least start your own moronic thread and keep it out of their commitment thread. Also, let’s be honest, most of these knuckle draggers don’t have a clue and have never watched these kids play. It’s classless. It’s pathetic behavior. Just because some of you warmed a bench in high school, it doesn’t mean you know a damn thing about football. I spent 5 years covering the Hogs between two Coaching Staffs and still have Staff Members and former players as friends… And let me tell you, these guys worked their asses off, it’s so easy to denigrate these people and their efforts anonymously through the internet so don’t be a douche and at least let these kids have their one day. SMGDH.

Another thing… If anyone of you think the evaluators at 24/7, Rivals, etc are better at evaluating talent than Chavis, Morris or any any member of this Staff, then you live in a reality of your own pathetic design. You seriously don’t have a clue. Remember last year when Henry had a mid to high 90’s rating but due to being injured couldn’t take part in one of the all star games? He quickly went from the top TE in the country to the 8th overnight. Did he become less talented? Or was he being punished by a vindictive, small minded jerk working for the recruiting service whose all star game he didn’t play in due to being hurt? Stars should only be considered as a baseline metric, think of it as where the conversation begins not where it ends.

I could not agree more… I never understood morons who attack the messenger for relaying the news. Richard does not create the “news” pbsock, he reports it. Let’s us know where you work so we can come by and criticize your animal husbandry techniques.

What I call “Internet Coward Syndrome”

The poster wouldn’t look you in the eye and say that :sunglasses:

Keep on the recruiting trail RD!

Well, if you are going to go there, then you should throw me, Otis, Danny, Trey, Andrew, Nikki, all the radio guys, all the TV guys, etc., in the mix.

The “kid” was a commit for 700-plus days, enrolled in school. I mean how dare we use column inches on him.

I also never called him Juice. I was fine calling him Justice. There are a couple of people out there that did that, but not the mods on this board.

I did call him a two-sport standout in high school because that is damn sure what he was.

Kevin references him by the name Juice. The poster was so ready to pounce he mixed up the Arkansas recruiting content.

If their is anything I’ve learned from this coaching staff is they don’t settle so you can believe if these kid’s were offered a scholarship…they are the real deal.

The inability to find film on them should tell you all you need to know. They are basically being ranked by services (sight unseen)