Stay classy Miss Steak

Maybe these two teams should be banned from playing in a bowl next year. Stay home until you can act like an adult.

Not a good look.

Not a good look at all.

Throwing a punch at a player wearing a football helmet is just stupid aside from being wrong. Like you’re really going to do anything but hurt your hand. Can always count on Miss. State.

You could see this coming when some of the state players came out shirtless in the freezing temps during pre-game to get in the Tulsa players faces. Coach Blood Sucker should have nipped it right then. Once again, I’m reminded of how happy I am that we wound up with Sam instead of some of those other characters.


Really bad optics for college football, the 2 conferences, and the two teams. The whole thing was totally classless. And the worst of the worst was that MSU guy that was clearly shown kicking a Tulsa player that was down on the ground and then running away. Looks like the kick hit him in the chest. What a cowardly thuggish type move.

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I always expect that kind of behavior from Mississippi State players, no matter the coach. It always seems that the thugs end up at MSU.

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Completely agree!


The Leghumpers would have to have some class to begin with to stay classy.


some billies should never go to town.

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Some should miss playing time to start next season.

#4 for State should lead the way. He kicked a Tulsa guy in the face while he was on the ground.

They have 2 #4’s don’t know which one.

Then #4 ran away like a little girl,yeah real tough guy.

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There is a video online of #4 bragging about the fight with teammates in the locker room. It is way worse than I can descibe on here. Very bad look for both player and team.

Some should be dismissed by the university.

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Looks like he ran like a little boy not a little girl.

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Like a little girl to me…

It was terrible conduct. I don’t know how many are to blame, but I’d bet it’s several. I couldn’t tell from what I saw which team was worse.

Yes one is a WR the other a DL… the guy didn’t look like a big lineman so I’m gonna guess it was the WR #4 which as per their roster is Malik Heath.

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“In a video posted from Mississippi State’s locker room, Malik Heath joked about kicking a Tulsa player in the facemask.”