Status of KK Robinson

I’m hoping KK Robinson begins to have success and playing time. What is his status? Has his progress since injury been slower than expected?

He got in late tonite and hit a 3. I think he is crucial for us next year. He is the only true point we have. I just hope he can get enough run this year to keep him from transferring. Anybody that knows basketball knows how special KK is. Just watch his Oak Hill highlights when he wasn’t injured. I would absolutely hate to lose KK!

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He got in the game during the last minute and nailed a 3, hope that we see more of him.


At some point I think KK is going to get more run. We are doing it right now with two shooting guards who handle the ball and a third guard whose game is really more like a small forward(Devo). Lykes and Notae are going to need to get some more rest, and Devo is going to have nights where he gets into foul trouble and/or needs to play fewer minutes.

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KK’s stroke looks as good as anybody we have… I would definitely give him some more time

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It has admittedly been a very small sample size, but from what I have seen when he does play is that he gets beat off the dribble. Looks like his lack of defense is what is keeping him on the bench.

You nailed it. His defense is suspect at times. To play you have to get after on “D”. Getting into game shape and trusting that foot may be part of it. He won’t make the improvements needed without the PT!

It appears that good offensive skills may get you on the court but defensive effort will get one off the court quicker, or at least that is how it looked to me last night. Coach gave Jaxson some playing time and things seemed to be ok for a while until he took a quick three, missed and promptly did not close out on a Charlotte shooter making a three. He came out quickly after that and I don’t think he saw the court after that.

I know that all of you are KK fans and are sure that he deserves more playing time, but I’d like to know which of the three guards do you plan on sitting down (JD, Lykes or Davis)? There is only so much playing time! And KK is most definitely the weakest defensive player of the three. He’s a great kid, but there are only so many minutes. You have to earn playing time and I just don’t know where those minutes are going to come from. If Muss can find them I’m sure that KK will deserve them.

It’s not a matter of sitting down any of the three, it’s a matter of those guys playing too many minutes, not always matching up well with good guards on the other teams, and the three main guards (mainly Devo) sometimes getting into foul trouble. We are going to need a fourth guard, and KK is the only real candidate for the job.

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My gut tells me KK leaves if his playing time doesn’t increase significantly soon. Like the poster said above, whose minutes are you going to take to give to KK?

Muss has said many times he doesn’t mind playing players 38 minutes. He doesn’t believe in taking players out to give them a rest unless they ask for it. With the way JD, Devo and Lykes are playing right now I just don’t see how KK gets out there much. He still fouls way too much and gets beat off the dribble a lot. Now if he was making up for it on the offensive end I think Muss would look at it different.

Next year might be his year if he sticks around. I would think Devo will be back and Nick Smith is really a combo guard so KK could earn the starting point guard spot. Then here comes the BUT…but if Muss brings in a experienced transfer point guard thinks could be tough again for KK.

I agree with razorblack I just think in this day and age he won’t have the patience to wait an entire year, with no guarantees even then about playing time. Also think Muss gets frustrated with his D and cheap fouls. In the old days, starting as a junior would be fine for many guys but not today. Would love him back but don’t expect it.

I think he could get 10 min a game spelling all 3 of those 3-4 min at a time…he has worked hard on his stroke and might give us another 3 pt option but this is JMO.

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I agree. It’s hard for me to get used to muss’s seven man rotation approach. I find it hard to believe the same 7 guys are going to be hot shooting and the best matchup vs the opponent every single game. I would prefer having a deep bench that is battle tested and confident for when they are needed. Maybe that’s what practice is for? But also it is weird that there is only one player muss seems to take the approach of considering if he is hot or not or a good matchup or not. Connor. Maybe the rest of the bench is too similar to his favorite seven guys? In my opinion we wouldn’t be in such a 3pt shooting slump this whole season if we had a deeper rotation and gave more playing time to whoever had a hot hand each game. But maybe our defense wouldn’t be as tight. I wouldn’t necessarily take minutes away from anyone right now, I’d have to see practices to know that for sure, but I’m just curious if lykes and notae are really that much better than all our other guards like umude, robinson, and robinson. If we just get in a good rhythm shooting the ball I’ll stop worrying.

Devo averaged 11mpg through his first 9 games last year he then played 36 in his 10th game. You never know when it can change for KK but it can. Last season we had different stars throughout the season many of which were all surprises. We’ve played 9 games and it’s not even Xmas. I realize this is message board but are we really trying to predict next season already?

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Very good post. I really hope KK stays for next season. We know we will lose JD and Lykes. He will have every opportunity to earn major minutes.

I remember seeing KK play in 2 games his last year at Oak Hill. He was cat quick on offense and defense, moving laterally and in change of pace. He saw the floor very well and was a good passer. He also has a beautiful 3 point stroke!

I have no idea if his foot is completely healed or if it’s partially mental with him now. But he is noticeably less quick moving laterally on defense. That’s when he has to trust his bad foot with that change of direction. If it’s actually painful each time he puts pressure on it, then he needs more rest and rehab.

When I tore my achilles, I had people asking me nearly 2 years later, why I was limping. I had no pain by then and didn’t even know that I was limping. It was all mental. I spent the next 6 months consciously stopping the limping and trusting the surgery.

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I never saw KK play in high school. There’s a limited sample size to form much of an opinion in college. But, it appears he will have very limited minutes this season.

Right now, his level of play (not his game) reminds me of Desi. That level of play will get you spot minutes on this team. I think there is a role for him, but right now I don’t see it as a high volume minutes player.

The way to earn guard minutes is to guard. That was the case with Sutton and Richardson. Is with Muss, too. As good as Dillard shot it, his minutes never matched his stroke. Not going to take great defenders off for long.

If you want to get on the floor, stop JD or Lykes in practice. I bet that is not happening or KK would play more. When he plays, I don’t see great defense. JD has greatly improved his defense. So has Lykes. And we know about Devo’s defense.

Don’t foul, move your feet and don’t give up threes.

I’m sure that practices are charted in great deal. KK can get on the floor if he’ll get stops in practice. He may do it. Obviously, he’s talented.


I think a lot of folks thought KK was out of the same vein as Moody. Well, Moody was very special, maybe the best frosh I’ve seen at Arkansas. This year, KK is facing playing time competition from very experienced guards. Tough to break in to create a positive delta.

I think KK looks like a baller, and I’m pulling for him.