Status of December signees if coach leaves


I am curious as to what will happen with December signees if the actual head coach leaves? I think all have seen that the Baylor HC interviewed for the Colts job in the NFL. If, by some chance he got the gig, would Baylor release Bohanon and the other fall signees?


From what I’ve read, the NCAA considered having an opt out option where the player would state 1-2 coaches that if they left after signing they would be able to opt out of their commitment. More than likely the player would choose the HC or the position coach that they worked with/were recruited by. However, this was ultimately left out of the rules of the early signing period.

So, up to Baylor, and since they need all the help they can get with a rebuild, I don’t see them saying, “sorry, go wherever you want now.”

I was wondering this for the kids that signed early. For example, the Moore twin that signed with Texas am because of Chavis and the Secondary coach Cooper. Now both are at Arkansas and we have been trying to get his brother as a WR.