Stats on Technicals and Ejections

For those that want to figure out who is or is not dirty, here you go: … er=0&opp=0

I haven’t done the math on it.

MK has 3 Technicals and one ejection. Before KY, he had 2 technicals and 0 ejections.


Grayson Allen (DUKE) has 4 Technicals on the year

Jaylen Johnson (LOU) has 3 technicals and 1 ejection

Sterling Brown (SMU) has 6 technicals and 1 ejection

EMU is the bad boys:
James Thompson has 10 technicals and 2 ejections
Willie Magnum has 4 technicals and 1 ejection
Ray Lee has 3 technicals

Somebody needs to pass that on Kick Vital.

I posted on his FB book page and it wan’t good…LOL

I was wonder about this info, good find!!