Stats on other 2022 recruits

Why don’t we get more stats on other 2022 recruits like we get on Derrian Ford and Pinion. I like to see their stats and videos, but I would also like to see the same information on Ware, Smith, Wallace, Lloyd, Nunez, Hunter, Williamson, etc. Even though many think that Smith is going somewhere else I wouldn’t give up on him quite yet. Those others on the list are also very good players that deserve to have their stats reported as well.

Agree 100%! We should remember that at the same stage of Moody’s recruitment, there were even more rumors, insiders, wannabe insiders, etc. posting that we would never sign Moses. Give this team and coach more time to excel, and Smith will be solid to the Hogs. It’s a long time to signing day for him.

Have posted Williamson’s when I could get. His season is over now. He did have 15 in the season-ending loss to Parkview the other night. Layden Blocker had 34.

Posted some of Ware and Smith but not on a consistent basis. Will work on that. I can assure you posting or not posting stats has nothing to do with whether I think a kid is coming or not.

Lloyd will be playing club ball soon. No HS ball in Cali.

Tough to get stats on Wallace. Nunez was ruled ineligible at Wagner when some coaches screamed about his transfer. Everything seemed ok early on but this happened

He’s also playing some club ball. Will try and get stats from his dad.

I get stats and video from family members of Ford, Moore and Pinion. That helps.

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Thanks for the information. Lloyd is playing in some high level recruiting league in Arizona.

A prep school type league. He twisted his ankle the other day. Will miss some time.

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