Stats more likely scenario

What’s more likely.

3 RBs go over 100 yards. My guess if so would be Whaley, Hammonds, and Hayden.

2 WRs Go over 100- My guess would be Pettway and Davion warren, actually.

Cole Kelley throws for 350 and 4 TDs, no INTs.

Defense gets 6 sacks.

Defense gets 3 INTs.

Just bored, What do you think is most likely, least likely, why and who would be yours involved.

I think the 2 Receivers of my choice going over 100 is the most likely of these given.

And Kelley not throwing an INT least likely. The 350 and 4 is probably realistic.

CK won’t play enough to throw for 350. TS and possibly Hyatt will also play.

I’m not sure any of those things will happen, actually.

Yeah playing time will clearly be a problem for all of them.

Just hypotheticals for fun, I don’t think 2 of them are that far fetched.

The most likely one? Three INTs.

i will go with 6 sacks…

4 before halftime

Not on the list but…A big Return play on special Teams. warren runs one back.

I doubt he cracks 200 yards, honestly.

We will run the ball a great deal more than most of our fans realize.

That’s a good one.

Honestly I doubt he does too, because he won’t play long. But the big yrdage was just solely there becuse I think we will see many big yardage pass plays this year. I do think Cole will through for 300+ several times this year .

Arkansas rushes for 250 and passes for 200.

Prediction: #10 gets behind the secondary a time or two. Hopefully the QB hits him in stride.

Easy prediction but glad to see it happen, even if it was with a minute to go in the first half.

The two WRs over 100 looks pretty good. Pettway is there, Jones is close.

I don’t think Storey will play enough to get to 350, but 214 with 2 TDs ain’t bad.

He didn’t project four fum-recs and a defensive score, but we got that.