Stats guys?

Jones and Joe are averaging 19 and 18 respectively so far.

Any idea what the highest total PPG by 2 teammates is in Hog hoops history?

Off the top of my head, either Day/Mayberry or Macon/Barford are probably the top duos.

Corliss and Scotty were a lethal combination, but we had a LOT of weapons on those teams so neither scored as many points as they could have if it had been needed.

Macon averaged 16.8 and Barford averaged 17.9 in the 2017-18 season.
Kingsley and Hannahs averaged 16.5 and 15.9 respectively in 2015-16.
Lee Mayberry and Todd Day 15.2 and 22.7 in 1991-92.
Those are among the best I could find.

Williamson and Thurman averaged 20.4 and 15.9 as sophomores, and 19.7 and 15.4 as juniors.

The best scoring duo was Martin Terry and Dean Tolson, who averaged 28.3 and 17.6, respectively, in 1972-73. They averaged 24.3 and 15.5 the year before.

Highest scoring “triplets”, in honor of Moncrief, Brewer, and Delph? Actually they come in 2nd:

1st: Terry, Tolson, and Campbell - 56.1 ppg
2nd: The real TRIPLETS - 52.1 ppg
tie 3rd: Day, Mayberry, Miller - 51.4 ppg
tie 3rd: Jones, Joe and Whitt - 51.4 ppg

Cool to see our newest “set of 3” (can’t call them “triplets”, that’s retired in Razorback lore) come in tied for 3rd. Of course, will they hold up those averages for the rest of the season (or exceed them)?

Fell in love with Hog basketball listening to Terry and Tolson on the radio. Dean was a rebounding machine.

Van Eman’s best team, I guess they both graduated because he was fired the next year
after a 10 wins and the Sutton era began.

That year I would get a walk up ticket for a few bucks and then find a really good seat. Lots of room for sure.

Terry completed eligibility after the 72-73 season; Tolson the next year, Martin Terry was deadly with the mid-range jumper. He also had a knack for drawing fouls and he was an 80+% FT shooter. He could have played on any of the Sutton or Richardson teams.

Brings back a lot of memories, some as if just yesterday. Gosh, remember Barnhill games back when I was a student at the U of A in the 60s…

As a student during that era, we didn’t need tickets. Just show up with your student ID, and then go find a seat in the temporary bleachers on the dirt side of Barnhill. In my time at Fayettenam ('70-'74) a typical crowd in Barnhill would have been 3,000 or less – capacity was around 5,500.

We were competitive during Terry’s senior year and had a game against Texas Tech late in the season to challenge for the league lead. In four years, that was the only time I saw Barnhill near full for a basketball game. The Red Raiders had a guard named Lowry who dropped about 30 on us to spoil that night and Van Eman’s season.

I was at that game. That game and season set the stage to show what could be done with basketball. Lanny certainly deserves a little credit for the rise of basketball. He made it a little easier for Eddie.

For sure, Martin Terry was the real deal. He could have played on any team since. Dean could jump way, way high. Would have loved to have seen what he could do for Eddie. those two were real basketball players.

Sidney, Boot and Marvin would be neck and neck for the lead spot if the 3 point shot had been in use at the time they played. In particular, about 1/2 of Delph’s shots were well beyond that distance.

For sure. Using an arbitrary number of 10 shots per game and Delph hit 40% (probably be higher) on his five 3s, they’d be in a dead heat for 1st.

Doug Campbell was a rugged forward that would remind you of Jim Counce, except Campbell scored a bit more than Counce. He was a JC guy and, if memory serves me correct, transferred in with Martin Terry from Hutchinson, Kansas.

Marvin averaged 14.5 shots per game for the three years he played with Sid and Boot. I’d be willing to bet at least 10 of those would have been treys, and he shot 53% for his career. If 69% of his career baskets had been worth three, that’s another 500+ points and he would be #2 on the career scoring list behind Todd Day.

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