Stats for our 5 recruits at the Top 100 Camp

Ware - 8th FG% / 5th RB / 5th BLK
Reneau - 9th PPG / 4th RB / 8th STLS
Walsh - 2nd STLS / 10th ASST

Wright was 10th OFF RB and Williamson didn’t make any top 15-20 stats but had a couple of nice games.

Based on stats only, Ware and Reneau had really excellent showings against outstanding competition. Walsh flashed his defensive skills with his 2nd in steals ranking. And showed his passing skills with the 10th ranking in assists.

I hope Barry Dunning keeps on working hard for the Hogs on his “buddy” Malik Reneau.

These stats are based on 6 games played by each player. Some stat rankings are ties.

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