Stats/big plays from 2nd scrimmage

Raheim Sanders had roughly 50-60 yards of the 75 yards gained on the first series. He had a 30-yard catch from KJ Jefferson, who later capped the drive with a five-yard touchdown run in which he wasn’t touched. Sanders’ production was against the 2s, we were told.

Warren Thompson had a 25-yard catch from Jefferson, Sanders had a 15-yard run, and Ketron Jackson had a 65-yard score from Malik Hornsby.

Landon Jackson had at least two sacks and Eric Thomas had a sack.

Trey Knox had a 10-yard catch from Jefferson, and Jadon Haselwood had a 15-yard catch from Jefferson.

In the red zone, Nathan Bax had an 18-yard TD from Hornsby, Sam Mbake had a five-yard TD from Cade Fortin, who threw the ball almost sidearm, we were told. Jefferson threw a 10-yard TD to Matt Landers, and Quincey McAdoo had a 15-yard TD from Hornsby.

McAdoo also had a 25-yard catch from Hornsby. And that’s what happened big play-wise on Saturday.


This file has been updated with quotes and other notes from the media availability Saturday afternoon.

EDIT: Had a brain fart and thought I linked the scrimmage report in the OP. Here it is.

Is Jackson working against the 1 or 2 OL? I have really wanted him to be a huge impact with his size and speed.

I’m guessing Jackson had some snaps against the first- and second-team offensive tackles today, but Pittman did not have a breakdown of that.

I wrote on the offensive line.

In the video Q&A with Catalon and Wagner yesterday, Wagner talked about Jackson’s edge play in the scrimmage. Definitely sounded like Jackson was going against the 1’s in his response. You’ll find the exchange near the 10 minute mark of the 19 minute video. FWIW.


Ok thanks… I think he has a chance to really make an impact.

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