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I have always known that stats are rarely equal from different age level, team to team and conference to conference. After to watching every Razorbacks game this year 95% in person I was shocked at what I saw in the SEC . For example MS State, LSU, Old Miss, TN are so bias its funny, If they are hitting and its close its a hit boosting there Average and OPS. If there pitching and its close it a error keeping the ERA down. From my prospective Razorbacks are a lot harder at home then most teams in SEC. I have watched Razorbacks hit balls 105 MPH and eat up a infielder and get error at home. I realize it’s subjective but its a constant pattern on the road. So Razorback batting averages are misleading. I do like OPS a lot more then average but its misleading as well based on scoring. In the end it doesn’t matter just Win like we have all season but it does matter on individual awards. Copps is Player of the year in my book.Opitz is the team MVP and best catcher in the Country don’t care about stats! this team excels at things most fans don’t even know about but the coaches do because its team things that make you win.

I have seen few calls I’d argue with at Baum Walker this year. Official scorer is solid. Some years it’s been different.

I’ve been official scorer at minor league level. Pros worried about their average will confront you. Dave Van Horn does not let that happen.

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I’m not in the press box so may not be aware of a lot of borderline calls, but seems like there was one recently at a UA home game where according to the TV guys they called it a wild pitch when it pretty clearly should have been a passed ball. I don’t even remember if it was our catcher or theirs who missed the pitch, but I remember agreeing with the TV guys when they questioned the WP. Of course a passed ball would lead to an unearned run where a wild pitch wouldn’t.

There was another play last week where a grounder got by Slavens and I have no idea if they charged him with an error or gave the Florida guy a hit. I mention that to note that sometimes at home it’s hard to tell.

It’s Kopps. :grinning:

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The most obvious misses I’ve seen by the home plate umpires have been the 3rd strike we didn’t get against South Carolina which even the blind idiot announcers from SC knew was a strike, that eventually led to us giving up four runs in the inning and losing the game and the 3rd strike against Gregory at LSU where the ball was easily 6 inches off the plate. Both were horrible misses.

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I recall both those as well. That’s how bad they were.

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Makes you wonder if the ump was making bank or watching the cheerleaders.

The OP is about official scorer calls, not umpires. We have a separate thread on bad umpires.

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